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two idols, a song and some money transfers

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
Dubai Idol Al Quoz gets a profile in the local UAE newspaper at this time of year.
These articles attract the attention of the reader, cause their smile, arouse a warmth, perhaps out of self
Sympathy for the most visible places in Dubai-
South Asians who build, clean and protect Dubai buildings.
The official name of the event is Camp Ka Champ (
\"Champion of Camp \")
The \"camp\" here refers to the labor camp in the dusty area of Dubai. The champs (a duo)
Selected through weeks of auditions and public performances.
The jury was presided over by a prominent figure, Shobana Chandramohan.
The famous former radio host and the famous local singer often sing for the big radio station
Host big events and weddings in Dubai\'s affluent Indian community. Semi-
Short-listed movie trivia answer.
All still Photos: Katrin GreilingFor a few sultry weeks in the summer of Dubai, Ladies
Chandramohan and her jury cut the number of men who had the opportunity to stand out from the crowd they were always connected with, if only for a few nights.
Champions are judged by their voice and performance on stage, and almost all champions can express the stage
The number of emotions.
If the news profile is emotional for the reader, then the performance can be overwhelming for the audience. Lookers-
On the roof of a labor camp in Al Quoz
The Burj Khalifa is being built in the background.
The story of Gulf Labor (
A term that describes a class of foreign population that is not technically, cheap and historically the most vulnerable to exploitation in the Gulf region)
Did they leave their poor environment in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or
Communities in many economically unstable countries work in the prosperous Gulf region.
This is a story of more nightmares than dreams. come-
That\'s true, but from a bigger perspective, millions of people live better financially at least.
The contestants danced to the song of a special guest that night.
Main sponsor of the Ka Camp champion-
The one that supplies electricity to competitors. yellow hue --
Western Union of America-
Companies that provide global services for international remittances.
No company knows how much these people are worth. -
Not only Dubai, but also businesses and thousands of families overseas.
If the link between the singing construction worker and the remittance is completely blurred, a 2007 report describes the motivation of Western Union to sponsor the event: \"targeting the residents of the labor camp in an interesting and meaningful way, they are encouraged to send money through Western Union.
The crowd of Al Quoz.
It\'s really interesting.
For the audience, they wear a yellow hat, lift up the yellow inflatable toy and swing with the song.
For contestants, this activity allows for the rare release of repressed energy
Come out of the boring work.
For many competitors, Ka Camp Champ represents an opportunity to exist as a person who can be separated for a while from his peers and direct a stage.
I spoke to the finalists and they spoke English before they came on stage.
They showed unexpected calm.
Few people have practiced in advance. no time! ).
Most people claim that they are doing this for their friends and family.
Just to have fun.
The creepy, desperate desire for fame on TV
None of them have a scale competition.
Maybe it\'s because they know the result won\'t put them somewhere else, but it\'s also a kind of self in my opinion
Self-confidence has never been used to describe these people in the news.
Two finalists watched the wave pool of LeisureLand while resting before the stage.
Juror and event host Shobana Chandramohan stood by and two contestants sang their numbers in the semi-finalsfinals.
It is also surprising that most of these people can sing well.
I took part in some first time
When contestants are invited to sing a song of their choice, usually a Bollywood song, almost always backed with an impromptu keyboard --
Played by a musician who seems to know all the songs.
No one was rejected. Ms.
Chandra Mohan has the endurance of marathon runners, and she gives every player a firm support.
Like the \"gong Show\" in the United States, the better the person sings, the longer he is allowed to continue singing. Ms.
Chandra Mohan often asks each contestant a question, usually about his favorite Bollywood movie or actor.
She will ask for another song from then on.
Everyone was cheered.
Stage and crowd in Dubai\'s Sonapur district. The semi-
The final is probably the most fascinating of the Ka camp Champions event as they are held in the Al Quoz, Sonapur and Jebel Ali labor camp communities in Dubai.
Only one night, the dusty buildings were filled with bright lights and yellow banners.
The outdoor aisles of the surrounding buildings are packed with residents who cook in the public kitchen, and they catch a glimpse of their friends and colleagues on the temporary stage of the courtyard.
Stage and crowd in Dubai\'s Sonapur district.
Last year\'s final was held in Al Nasr LeisureLand, one of the oldest places in Dubai, away from labor camps and from the wave pool and the first ice rink in the Bay.
Otherwise, these people will never be able to enter such a place.
The structure of the final is not like \"Idol\", more like India\'s Q & A show \"antakshari\", where contestants have to answer questions about movies and music.
The two people who play the buzzer will first sing some lines to answer this question.
The large screen on both sides of the stage plays continuous Western Union advertisements and popular questions for the audience, and the audience can also win prizes by providing the correct answers through text messages (
Example: do you need a bank account to remit money with Western Union? a)No. b)Yes. )
In the semi-finals, plastic tape kept the audience a few meters away from the stage.
While the night at Al Quoz was a good immediacy for them, moving to a leisure place can lead to some awkward moments.
The price of water and soda for 40 degrees of heat is three times that of the store;
Invited guests (
20 friends can be invited for each finalists)
Late due to a mini computer error
Bus arrangement;
A local television journalist could easily have a shot with all the finalists ---
People from Goa, SWAT, Punjab, Tamil, Kerala, Bangladesh and elsewhere-
Let them sing for her photographer \"Jai Ho\", the theme song of \"Millionaire in the slum.
Needless to say, no one knows this sentence, and the performance is gradually decreasing for the Dubai audience.
Members of the dance troupe, probably known as the \"Michael Jackson Festival\", rehearse in the women\'s dressing room by the pool.
But in the excitement of the crowd, those uncomfortable moments seem to disappear.
More small event sponsors-
A hair dyeing company, a skin Company
Bleach brand mobile phone supplier-
Try to attract the attention of a rare audience preparing free samples and coupons.
Friends share drinks and food purchased.
When the VIPs sit in front and separate from the rest of the audience, except for the red --and-
White road obstacles, the grounds behind the obstacles turned into a group of dance spectators with sweaty backs.
The chairs piled up on one side in a hurry and people started dancing as if it was the best concert ever.
Around ten o\'clock P. M. , the thermometer dropped below 40 degrees. Ms.
Chandra Mohan and another local singer also took part in a show, but their performance was stiff and it seemed that they were confused about the singing of Western Union executives and Dubai laborers.
However, the mismatch of culture does not inhibit the contestants.
Every music answer makes the audience dance.
Then there is the dance troupe, which may be called the \"Michael Jackson Festival\", and no one expected a more enthusiastic audience for its poppy dance and gold --foil suits.
However, when the finalists sang, they somehow had to sit behind the quiz table.
This was the biggest disappointment of the night, because these people will shock the house whenever there is a chance.
A finalist took the opportunity to sing the Pakistani national anthem.
On Pakistan\'s national day, the final of the card champions camp took place.
The trivia score was finally counted and the SMS vote was added.
At around eleven o\'clock P. M. , the two were elected to the championship of this year\'s Ka camp.
Prizes for each of the two: 1500 dirhams ($408)
Western Union gift certificates, more than these men earn in a month, and are flat
TV screen.
After the winner received the award from a representative of the Western Union, the recorded music played for a while.
Finally the Dance stopped and about 400 guests began to leave the leisure place, return to the parking lot and wait patiently for the Mini
The bus that had not arrived brought them back to the camp.
The next day is a working day for most of them. (
This is an extended version of a work that continues to appear in Al Manakh 2: Gulf.
The photographic work of Katrin Greiling continues, which is also on display in Al Manakh 2 Gulf.
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