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two kids hurt in yet another bounce house accident

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Less than a month after three children were injured in a bounce house accident in New York, two more children in Colorado were injured when the \"bounce slide\" they were playing was swept away by the wind.
According to local Fox, the large inflatable slide was set up at the Rocky Mountain hockey gala in Littleton, when the wind blew up and took it to an open field of 300 feet.
A young girl and a 10-year-
The old boy was injured.
According to a report by Colorado NBC affiliate KUSA, the girl was popped up as the slide started blowing.
Her injury was treated at the scene.
The boy was carried between 200 and 300 feet with the slide and had to be transferred to the hospital for assessment.
It is reported that his injury is not believed to be serious.
On May 13, two boys and a girl were injured at the South Glen Falls in New York. when the wind blew a bounce house, it took it to nearly 100 feet in the air.
Two boys aged 5 and 6 had to be hospitalized.
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