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two test dummies fell out of 125ft roller coaster during a safety check at a jersey shore theme park and crashed into a hotel roof but officials insist the ride is \'100 percent safe\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Officials at an amusement park in New Jersey say their precious roller coaster is \"hundred percent safe,\" despite reports earlier this month that two crash test dummies fell off their seats
There was a car accident on the roof of a nearby hotel.
These two inflatable mannequin models-filled with water-were thrown out of the Sea City Playland\'s Castaway Cove Gale Force roller coaster during a safety test in April 20.
According to NBC 10, no one was injured in the incident, but the airborne dummy did damage the roof of the low tide suite.
Brian Hartley, vice president of Parks, told TV that this was an unfortunate situation.
\"It is clear that this is not something that will happen to one person,\" he added . \".
Explaining his point, Hartley claimed that both dummies had suffered undiscovered puncture before being loaded into the vehicle.
He told Atlantic City News that it was an inflatable water pipe, just like the inflatable raft you would use.
There\'s a hole in [dummy]
So when it is obviously deflated, it will shrink to a very small size as the water leaks --
It came out of the seat belt.
Hartley insisted that all parts of the roller coaster did not fail.
He added that for 20 years working in the park, he had never seen someone fall from the car.
Hartley later explained to NBC that you know you won\'t lose your rigidity on one person.
The bar came down in a single lap.
You\'re safe inside.
\"Strong winds forced the roller coaster to open in 2017, but complained High in passengers
The coaster was \"too bad\" and the park decided last year to carry out maintenance to solve the small ridge on the track that caused discomfort.
The pulley roller coaster is as high as that, after about two hours of testing every day, it has remained open since the incident involving the dummy occurred.
Safety is our top priority, Hartley said.
This is what we do every day.
We are checking the rides in and out.
We have to do a better job of checking these tubes before we send them out and make sure there is no obvious leak.
Hartley added that two dummies were thrown away after being stabbed.
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