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two water park workers acquitted of lying in probe of kansas boy\'s beheading

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Two maintenance workers at a water park in Kansas were acquitted on Thursday, blocking an investigation into the death of 2016 10 people. year-
The old boy who was promoted to be the world\'s highest waterslide.
David Hughes and John Zalsman, the first employees to stand trial for the death of caleb Schwab, were on a 17-
The story takes place in the water park in shlitterbarn, Kansas City.
Prosecutors allege that Hughes and zessman failed to replace the brake pads that fell off the slide two weeks ago, but they told investigators that the pads only appeared on the slide during the test phase.
According to prosecutors, video evidence shows that the mat was used after it was opened to customers on 2014.
\"It\'s not a mistake, it\'s an intentional act,\" said Adam Zenner, Assistant Attorney General of Kansas . \".
The defense said that the prosecutor did not understand how the slides worked and challenged the testimony of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent Jason Diaz, who interviewed the accused.
The defense also noted that another Schlitterbahn employee who made false statements to investigators had not been prosecuted.
\"It\'s just two old boys. it\'s hard for them.
The staff, because they were the only two adults in the room, were picked out individually and had to be charged, \"Hughes\'s defense lawyer Scott Tott said in a speech to the jurors.
Diaz said he did not believe another employee had deliberately misled him.
Schlitterbahn said there was no reason for officials to believe that any employee would hinder justice.
Water park Kansas
More than 10 people arrestedYEAR-
Winter Prosapio, a spokeswoman for Schlitterbahn, said in an email after the verdict: \"We maintain our belief in the integrity of our employees and respect the jury\'s procedures and decisions.
The most serious charge of Caleb\'s death was made against one of Schlitterbahn\'s owners, Jeff Henry, Verruckt designer John Scully and general contractor Henry father and son construction.
Each was charged a second place.
Murder, serious assault and serious harm to children.
Another employee was charged with manslaughter.
None of them pleaded guilty.
Verruckt slide made 17-using a raft-
The story dropped at 70 miles an hour, followed by a surge in humps, 50 miles
Walk to a tidying pool.
Caleb was on a raft, which flew in the air and bumped him into a metal rod that supported a net in order to prevent passengers from taking off from the slide.
Two women were also injured on the raft.
After Calebis was killed, the slide was closed and was scheduled to be removed later this year.
Father of the boy, State Representative
Scott Schwab, a Republican from olasi, a Kansas City suburb, did not comment immediately after being told the verdict on Thursday.
His son\'s death prompted Kansas lawmakers to tighten the state\'s relatively relaxed regulation of amusement park rides.
Their 2017 laws require amusement park rides to be inspected annually by qualified inspectors after previously allowing the park to operate on its own.
The law also stipulates that the park should report the injury to the state.
But lawmakers quickly postponed criminal penalties for violations, and this year further relaxed the rules for county fairs and other short-term activities. term, one-
Location events organized by non-profit organizations.
They also exempted scenic spots such as hay. rack rides.
The Schlitterbahn family will receive nearly $20 million in legal settlement from companies associated with Schlitterbahn, general contractors, raft manufacturers and a company consulted on a waterslide.
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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