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universal orlando in 2017: a new water park and more

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
In the past few months, the people driving along the I-
4. I have seen whimsical 200-foot-
The mountain being formed.
Starting from early summer 2017, when the falls start to roar down the mountain during the day and the hot lava starts to flow at night, they may be more distracted.
The carcato volcano will become the center of universal Volcano Bay, which is called by Universal Studios Orlando.
The water park will be the third gate around the world and one of the many developments in the rapidly expanding Florida resort.
The new park covers an area of 30 acres and will have 18 attractions, including the Krakatau water roller coaster.
Linear induction motor technology (
Instead of water explosive devices that power most water coasters)
Passengers in the canoe will go downhill through the volcano.
Other attractions will include more than one
Directional wave pool, drifting River, multiple family raft rides and speed slides will be from 200-foot mountain.
Guests can also rent private 2-
Level cottage on the beach.
The water park is no stranger to the area.
In fact, wet\' n Wild is one of the first products in the industry, located near Universal.
Although it does not speak out about the connection, the Globe has owned and operated Wet \'n Wild over the past few years.
It closed the park at the end of 2016, focusing on the new Volcano Bay.
While there are still some water parks in the area, including two operated by Disney and one operated by SeaWorld, Universal has promised that its entry will represent the next evolution of the type.
\"We call Volcano Bay a \'water theme park\' because it doesn\'t feel like a typical park,\" said Thierry Coup, senior vice president of global creativity . \".
\"It\'s a completely different level.
This is a theme park built around the water.
\"In these innovations, Coup said that some attractions will include media and other immersive storytelling techniques used at Universal Studios Florida and Adventure Island.
The use of the vehicle slide will send passengers to the loading area, rather than requiring passengers to take the subway and raft to climb many stairs.
Perhaps the most anticipated progress is TapuTapu, the new crowd management system that Global is developing for the park.
Like the MagicBands of Disney World, wearable technology allows visitors to book rides.
Unlike Disney\'s system, there seems to be no alternate line option.
More details are coming, but Universal seems to indicate that guests will use the ride booking system on all water slides and other attractions that need to be lined up in Volcano Bay.
Coup said he and his team will effectively eliminate all the lines in the park. The TapuTapu (
Partly because the user will use it by clicking on the wearable device)
Water cannons will also be fired throughout the park to illuminate hidden images and activate other special effects.
Coup Sees TapuTapu as a major breakthrough and says global plans to promote the technology in its existing theme parks.
One of the possible attractions is TapuTapu: travel through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, a new journey to Universal Studios Florida in the spring of 2017.
It will be located in the New York section of the park (
More suitable for the theme of this area than a tornado, it is replacing the attraction).
Guests will enter NBC\'s Fax at 30 Rock Studios in Manhattan and head to Studio 6B, where tonight\'s show is recorded.
Before boarding, they can sit in front of the model at Fallon\'s desk, meet with the panda tag, and participate in other activities.
The ride will be at 72-
Seat \"flying theater\", a sports simulator concept pioneered by Disney for its Soarin\' attractions.
During the popular celebrity competition in France, visitors will become celebrities and compete with comedians for the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and other attractions in New York City.
It will include 3D media and use it next
The 16 k generation projector can make passengers feel really hot.
Across Times Square.
After the competition, guests will be able to explore clips, props and other artifacts in the long-track exhibition
Run talk show.
After the theme park
Riding tradition, when they pass through the gift shop, they will certainly also be able to buy a souvenir from Fallon and tonight.
Since both the Tonight Show and the theme park belong to the NBCUniversal umbrella of Comcast Corporation, the trip to New York seems to be a model of corporate collaboration.
It may be true, but Fallon is a real park fan.
\"Jimmy came to us a few years ago when he was hosting his late night show and told us he wanted a ride,\" the coup said . \".
He added that comedians, his writers and other program members have been actively working together to promote the development of the attraction.
Just a block or two from the New York game, Universal is developing an appeal based on fast film.
This will be similar to speed and passion. -
The film tour finale, which debuted at Universal Studios in Hollywood in 2015.
The Florida version of the sports simulator ride, which will open in 2018, will be based in San Francisco, not Los Angeles, and expand the original ride experience.
2018 will also be 600-
Universal hotel Aventura.
This will be the sixth time.
Hotel in the resort.
Optimistic NBCUniversal executives say they want to add more hotel rooms.
The company also recently announced that Nintendo
Universal Studios Orlando and the park in Hollywood and Osaka, Japan will have a theme area.
With the recent purchase of DreamWorks Animation by NBCUniversal, these parks have a wealth of intellectual property rights that can be tapped for future attractions.
Universal Studios Orlando, however, has no land to expand on its original properties.
It does have wet n wild sites nearby.
It also has a noncontiguous 475-
The acre property it purchased can accommodate another theme park, many hotels and other development projects.
\"Imagine what we can do with it,\" Coup said . \".
\"Many exciting things are coming soon.
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