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universal orlando’s new volcano bay water park does away with long lines and lugging rafts

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The Volcano Bay at Universal Studios Orlando promises to eliminate two troubles, which are the bane of any visit to the water park: waiting in line and lifting the raft up the stairs.
The new water park, which will open on May 25, covers an area of 30 acres, is located between interstate and universal Cabana Beach Resort in Orlando, Florida.
Volcano Bay effectively replaces the world
Owned the Wet \'n\' Wild water park closed last year.
The Volcano Bay, known as the \"water theme park\", will open to 10 in the evening. m.
Show the transformation of the central mountain range from the waterfall during the day to the lava flow at night.
The carefully crafted background story of Volcano Bay begins with a journey of fictional Waturi Islanders seeking a new home in the South Pacific.
Under the guidance of magic gold
Fin-like fish, before discovering a mysterious smoking mountain named after the fiery god Krakatau, Waturi takes a leg canoe to Bali, Tahiti, New Zealand and Easter Island
During the development of the water park, the legend provides information for all creative decisions, and the water park combines the culture, music and design aesthetics of many polynisia islands.
Volcano Bay promises to cancel the Tapu wristband that comes with each entry.
The virtual queuing system allows visitors to click on the wristband at the totem station to book a return time for the park\'s main water slide.
The LCD touch screen tracks all booked ride times and the wristband vibrates 15 minutes before visitors need to return to the slide.
Extra time can be spent in wave pools, drifting rivers, water game forts, restaurants and shops.
The wristband also triggers interactive water spray and lighting effects throughout the park.
The Volcano Bay wristband was developed in the UK-
This also enables QBot handheld devices to power the Flash Pass virtual queue system in six flag parks.
Features of the wristband include close range
Room entrance based on marketing, push notifications, cashless purchases, photo tags, Locker rental and keyless hotel.
Global plans to promote the technology to other theme parks.
The 18 attractions in the park will be divided into four themed areas: the kracato volcano, the wave village, the river village and the rainforest village.
The park\'s running Lantern Krakatau water roller coaster rises 200-foot-
High kracato volcano with magnetic propulsion.
The water roller coaster imitates the ups and downs of the traditional roller coaster with a linear induction motor that powers the raft riderde-
Do mountain and downspeed drops.
The journey begins at an elevated jungle temple loading station where riders climb four
Inflatable canoe seatshaped rafts.
After a brief descent, the raft rises into the volcano through fog.
After a series of dark passages and twists and turns, the water roller coaster finally falls into the waterfall.
Other attractions of the park\'s iconic volcano include three traps-
Sliding doors and four doors
Lane racing slides with mats are designed to look like manrays.
Rainforest Village includes a white water inside
Take the subway, four twisted raft slides, a pair of body slides with splash Finland and a six
A zero man rides a raftgravity wall.
River Village features one-to-many
Three of them-
Story water fortress and drifting River.
As you would expect, wave village is home to a pair of waves pools.
Cohola reef, Tropical of the parkthemed sit-
The restaurant serves coconut curry chicken, Hawaiian roasted pork ribs and mango grilled pork sandwiches. Quick-
Burgers, hot dogs, pizza and tortillas are available at the restaurant.
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