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verdict in trial of cambridgeshire pair after seven-year-old\'s bouncy castle death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Husband and wife William and Shelby Thurston were convicted of manslaughter after seven deaths. year-
The inflatable castle she was playing with was blown away.
Summer Grant and her family play inflatable games at the playground in Harlow Town Park on March 26, 2016.
The Thurston people from Wilburton near Erie admitted they were considering dismantling the inflatable castle an hour before it exploded. Today (May 9)
A jury of seven women and five men found playground workers guilty after three chargesweek trial.
The court was filled with emotion when the families of both sides received the verdict.
They were charged with health and safety and manslaughter.
This is a 10-2 majority judgment on manslaughter charges and a unanimous judgment on health and safety charges.
The date of sentencing has not yet been set.
During the trial, the court heard the case of two girls \"having fun\" at the amusement park attractions, when the two girls moved to the inflatable playground.
The playground staff decided to let the two young girls finish the last few minutes of the game on the playground and then let them go as the weather gets worse.
Lily is sitting on the inflatable slide and has come to the dome in summer.
Suddenly, Granny Sharon Stephens heard the screams of Aunt Tasha Stephens and father Lee Grant.
Mrs. Stephens said: \"As soon as summer arrived at the dome, it turned over in a flash.
\"I heard Tasha and Lee screaming, \'summer \'.
\"I can\'t see it. I was shocked.
It lifted up and landed on the truck.
\"I don\'t remember. I was completely shocked.
\"After inflating, several people ran down the hill, one of them William Thurston.
After the inflatable toy rested on the fence, he pulled open the inflatable zipper and shouted if anyone was inside.
He said: \"I went in and saw a little girl inside.
I picked her up and held her outside.
There were several people there by then.
I put her in a state of recovery.
She is blinking.
Someone called an ambulance and it seemed to be right away.
Really fast.
\"During the three-week trial, the prosecution provided evidence that the couple failed to fully anchor the inflatable castle on the ground or monitor the weather conditions.
At the time of the accident, the wind speed was as high as 40 miles per hour.
The inflatable device should not be used when the wind speed exceeds 24 miles/hour.
The number of stakes used to fix the dome on the ground is also lower than the British standard.
The request is 24, but the dome has been sold to Mrs. Thurston\'s father, William Searle, with 17 basic anchorage points.
Other alleged failures include the fact that when an inflatable castle made only by an inflatable device is in use, the user information mark is not visible.
The court heard that some key information was missing on the label, including the maximum and minimum air pressure it could withstand.
Follow up on what happened every day of the trial.
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