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visit the best playgrounds in sydney

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Blaxland Riverside Park on Jamieson Street, Silver Water Street, new state, if you want you and your children to have a full day of fun, you should visit this Park.
There is a half-circle building at the entrance, with several swings.
Next is a few tunnels and long slides with stairs and climbing equipment.
There is also a huuuuge level crawl.
If you don\'t have enough so far, you\'ll be sure to stop at the long flying fox or look at the tree house behind it.
At the end of the day, the children will enjoy a water game with a bunch of small fountains.
Best water park in Sydney? ? ?
Parents can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Armory Marina Cafe, which is open on MondayThursday 8.
From 30 to four o\'clock P. M. on Friday morning. 30am to 9. 07:30 Saturday. 30am to 9. 30pm Sunday 7. 30am to 5.
08:30 on public holidays.
Dinner service from 30 to five o\'clock P. M. on Friday morning and Daylight on Saturday.
If you are hungry, the cafe will provide food or you can bring it yourself and enjoy some shady picnic areas.
Cafe West with toilet entrance with parking (
It fills up quickly on the weekend and if the weather is warm and sunny try to get there before ten o\'clock A. M).
58-near North Putney Park-
60 Pellisier Rd, Patney NSW 2112 this playground is adjacent to the Parramatta River, the Pellisier Road, the Bay of kisses.
The playground is well covered with sails, no ups and downs, suitable for people of all ages.
There is a fun water game area with two scenic shallow play pools with a little (fake)
The River between them.
There is a bubble beach area with plenty of room for your kids to play.
There are huge colored squares, pyramids and balls nearby, and the children seem to find them fascinating.
There is also a play area with a large rope climbing tower, a large fortress system with watchtower and tunnel slide, and some combination equipment.
Littlies also has a play area with a small fortress, slide, short tunnel, Abacus, spring rider, swing.
Sports and ball games have a large area of grass, as well as bicycle lanes for bicycles and skating.
In the hotel, you will find facilities such as electric barbecue facilities, picnic area, toilet and parking lot.
This is a great place for family picnics with beautiful sea views in the background.
Located near 48 Arcadia Road, Galston, new state, Arcadia Road fergen Park is 2159 large amusement park in the large figan Park.
A variety of different equipment such as flying fox, swing, slide, spring rider, sand pit, etc.
Barbecues, tables and chairs provide the possibility to go out all day.
The parking fee per car is $5 (
But you can walk in from the road, but on a sunny weekend the parking was quickly full)
A popular fun playground. Timbrell Park -
Livvi is located at No. 19 Henry Ocean Avenue, 2046 New State Pier 5, an amazing playground on Henry Ocean Avenue. It is fenced (
There are fancy electronic doors)
The shadows are good.
As toy equipment, you can find two forts, a slide, a monkey bar, a set of swings, and an amazing electric carousel.
There is also a spinning crawl.
Toy equipment is set up in a soft area.
There is a great bike lane with two lanes so bring your children\'s bike.
There is a big open space next to the playground.
There are toilets, BBQ and dining areas.
Some of the smaller children\'s quiet play areas are scattered on the edge of the main play area.
Tumbalong Park, Darling District, Sydney, 2000 this modern and unusual Playground is located in Tumbalong Park, Holy harbor, Darling district.
Suitable for all ages.
There is a water game system with waterfalls, little fountains and a series of irregular fountains that make children feel fun while chasing water
Wheel attraction, a large Archimedes spiral, doors, elements that these kids can operate manually, this system is very interesting for kids to experiment with and follow the path of water.
Close to the water game area is a children\'s playground with all the usual equipment
But there is a difference.
The device is integrated into the landscape, dominated by neutral colors and built on a large scale.
There are: large slides scaled with ropes, 10-meter-high climbing towers, sand pits with excavators, huge net swings for more children to sit on, a series of balance trees, 18. 7-metre-
Very soft long balance rope
In autumn, the hand model is made with climbing, which can be exposed to smaller slides, large flying foxes, etc.
Especially on warm days, this is a great playground!
There are cafes, fast food and restaurants nearby for hungry children to use after having a good time.
Sydney Park is located near No. 2, Park Road, 2044A, St. Peter\'s new state. It is a beautiful playground with exploring and cycling paths.
Kids will love double climbing towers, spring riders, long slides with special climbing walls. . .
Many swings, bridges, etc. . . Go and explore.
Bring your lunch with a hidden picnic table and barbecue.
The cafe is open on weekends.
Toilets and water dispensers are nearby. Have fun!
Apex Park, 39 sea tu Avenue near monavel, and 2103 playground in monavel NSW are located opposite the parking lot at quite busy corner sea tu Avenue and Surfview monavel beach.
Part of the fence provides a shady playground for the children.
Among the toy equipment you can find: forts with slides, monkey bars and spring riders.
Around the park you have access to shelter and the United Nations
The seats and picnic tables are hidden.
Not far from this playground (500m)
You can find two bike paths.
Across the road from Surfview is Vale beach and the ocean pool where children can find a lighter place.
Toilet near the beach with shower and water dispenser.
Mackeler Park is located at 9 Dangal Road, 2083 New South Wales, Brooklyn, South Australia Park, in the foreshore area of Dangal Road.
It is surrounded with no shadow.
As toy equipment, you can find a theme castle with a slide show, a spring rider and a carousel.
Behind the theme Castle, you can see another fortress with slides.
All devices are placed in a soft area.
This place also offers hidden picnic tables and yacht clubs.
Beautiful water front area with mesh swimming area for exploration.
There are changing rooms and toilets nearby and cafes on the street.
Double Century Park Golden Grove at the end of Prince of Wales Avenue, New South Wales West Pymble 2073 at the end of Prince of Wales Avenue, with a nice set of playgrounds with lots of BBQ space
Some areas are blocked by trees.
There is a fortress with a spiral slide for kids, climbing nets, monkey bars and up space
Combination of Saw and swing.
There are two hidden places in the barbecue area.
There is a large open space behind the trees for ball games and four basketball courts. Toilets (
Also for persons with disabilities)are near by.
Lots of parking (
Some reserved for the disabled).
There is the West Pymble swimming pool along this street.
Located near 144 Beach Street, Coogee, new state, the Grant Reserve stanwinton Memorial Playground 2034 is a playground worth visiting.
It is located on Coogee Beach Street, new state, and is not only a playground that children like, but also a playground that adults like.
Very cool toys for kids to play.
There are many seats, including the picnic table.
This place is not only for kids but also for high school students and even adults as it is very close to the beach.
So the playground may be a little busy.
Parking lot close to playground.
The environment in this playground is very cool, big and can accommodate a lot of people.
Why not enjoy it well then go to the beach and the rock pool.
Bathroom in McIver-
Only female swimming pool.
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