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walk on water ball

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
Walking on a water ball is a huge inflatable balloon that you can climb in and use to float on the water.
You may have heard of them being called water balls, wow balls, or water balls.
It\'s similar to Zorb or sphere, but it\'s actually a bit different.
While zorb has two layers of plastic with an air buffer chamber and a vinyl cord connecting the two layers, the water ball is just one layer of plastic.
Since Zorb is designed to roll over the big hills, air buffering is necessary in order to provide a comfortable journey.
In contrast, the water ball floats on the surface of the water, so no extra air buffer is required.
It is better to have only one layer of plastic so that the people inside can feel the water under them and feel that they are actually walking on the water.
There is also water and ice, which is completely different.
This is when the water is added to the inside of the Zorb, it will lubricate the inside so that the rider can splash around without flipping in the ball.
To use the water ball, you open the zipper to enter, then inflate and close the zipper.
It\'s kind of like a giant hamster ball and you have to push it forward by walking or running.
It\'s not as easy as it looks and you may get quite a bit of exercise.
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