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warning signs that your child is not going to outgrow the horse phase

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
For your kids, there\'s something worse than horse madness!
Perhaps, if you see these signs in your children, maybe you should embrace their love for horses and nurture them.
It\'s great to live with horses.
It instilled hard work, respect, responsibility and determination.
The mind of a single track is built on the horse, although it may be
Believers are not a bad thing for a child.
I am the worst kind of crazy horse because luckily I have a crazy horse mom who supports my riding efforts and there is a dad who has enough to bear
Now that I really have horses, you would think it makes me wonder that the crazy behavior of horses is not as extreme as the crazy kids of horses, they never really put their hands on the horses.
This makes me warn first that your child will not surpass the horse.
Warning sign 1 no matter how much time they spend with horses, whether it\'s classes or riding ponies at the fair.
They don\'t have enough horses.
Being with horses can\'t meet their needs.
It just makes them want to be with horses more.
If they had classes, they would want more.
If they go to summer camp, they want summer all year round.
If it\'s just the occasional pony ride, drive the car over and see the horses in the field, no matter how many horses you give them, they will never be satisfied, just want more.
Warning sign 2 they are attracted to other children who are equally obsessed with horses, and they work together to meet their needs with all kinds of imaginary Masi Dong Xi.
For me, this is my childhood friend Rachel.
Apart from reading horse magazines and books, playing model horses and doing things for our model horses, we did nothing.
Basically, we treat toy horses as real.
We made ball bags and blankets with felt and rubber bands.
We feed them and exercise them. they have a certain training schedule.
I don\'t mean to make up some training schedules for children casually.
I mean, we \'ve read a lot of books and magazines for horses and our fake horses have a legitimate training schedule and nutrition program.
If your child does not surpass the horse, you will begin to notice these symptoms in the early days.
Maybe in the first year, once they start to accumulate toy horses and get the material to read them,
Warning sign 3 this starts after the child rides more.
However, whether it is in lessons, horseback riding, friends riding, they can get courses on horseback riding or horseback riding.
As they are learning how to ride a bike, they begin to gain a wider range of knowledge.
This leads to the need to practice at home. . .
Because most people can\'t find horses at home, it means they practice without them.
Parents or siblings watching through the window look strange.
You will see the child jogging and skipping rope (
Running and jogging)
Change direction, maybe hold a stick that pretends to be a crop.
If they are lucky enough, they will have a real harvest and they will use it for practice riding.
Whatever they practice in the course, you will see that they are very serious about trying to ride the perfect eight or hex snake.
When they become very nervous, they may start practicing leadership change before they actually do these things in real life.
It looks like jumping into untrained eyes and it\'s a serious thing for horse crazy kids.
When you change, you practice skipping while leading with another leg in front.
To understand that the real horse\'s Kanter thread is what triggers this, so don\'t expect the thread to change behavior until they start jogging in the course.
Don\'t be surprised if your horse crazy kids and their horse crazy kids do it for hours in the Woods (trail rides)
Or just around the yard (
School in the arena).
Warning signs 4 serious riders know that they cannot interrupt the training program due to bad weather.
This will guide your horse crazy kids and their weird horse crazy friends to remove the mat from the couch, use brooms and dining room chairs and do jumping lessons in the house.
In my case, living in a smaller house, jogging and skipping do not work in school.
Well, we could have made it work, but it didn\'t fly with my parents.
It makes us jump indoor jumping lessons like a real horse, limbs.
It is much more difficult to do so, which leads to shorter school hours, but it may take some time for the House barrier course to be untied, and of course, the horses need to cool properly, and therefore, there is no rush to teach indoors.
At this point, your child may have started asking for horse stuff on every occasion.
Whether it\'s their class or something with horses.
I need both and it makes me an easy but expensive horse crazy kid.
I have horse clothes, horse jewelry, horse bedding, horse stuffed animals, model horses, Horse Books, horse movies.
Actually, if it had a horse on it, your horse crazy kids would want anything related to the horse.
Don\'t panic about this.
This is perfectly normal for a child who will not surpass the horse.
This behavior actually lasts until adulthood, so get used to it.
Six warning signs are obsessed with watching horse movies.
This symptom can appear at any time.
For me, it started at a very young age.
The movie that is obsessed with watching horses doesn\'t just mean that they will watch every horse movie they can get in your hand.
Of course they will!
When they choose a particular movie and watch it over and over again, the horse will not grow more than the horse.
Until you know all the words of the script, and every last little part and detail.
The film is National Velvet for me.
Still, until today, I know every word of the film, every little velvet brown thing (
Young Elizabeth Taylor
Their coach, Mi (
Young Mickey Rooney)did.
I am obsessed with the way Pi moves and jumps and how they train him to run in the great national obstacle race.
I won\'t ruin it for those who haven\'t seen it!
Once your child has chosen the \"their\" movie, you \'d better not even try to get them to stop watching. They won\'t.
I would really watch National Velvet and bring it upside down (
VHS at the time)
Sit down and watch it again right away).
Don\'t bother to ask, \"Aren\'t you tired of that movie ? \"
\"The answer is always no, so accept it from the beginning and avoid conflict.
Warning 7 when your child has to cover everything in the horse picture.
The walls of the bedroom, the outside of the school folder and the notebook.
If you are lucky enough to have a child with artistic ability, maybe they will draw horses on some of their things. For the non-
Artists like me, as long as I finish reading the monthly publication of the young rider and the horse pictorial magazine, I will do two things.
Remove the central fold that has always been a horse poster!
I covered the walls of the bedroom (
Ceiling included)with them.
Then I will cut and decorate other things with the rest of the pictures like my school folder and my notebook.
I am obsessed with tape, scissors, and horse magazines, and I cover everything that tape will stick to in the photo of the horse.
Warning 8 when your child starts to include family pets in their \"Circus.
This is a sign that their imagination needs more, and then the child will look for the next closest thing at that time. What\'s that?
Family pets with 4 legs.
Rachel and I tried to train the dog to jump.
My dog Moses, a Dubin dog over 100 pounds is a little fat, grumpy and hard to control, but we try to train him.
Luckily there was a fence around the backyard so he couldn\'t go anywhere when he was tired of us.
Rachel\'s dog is more of a jumping-type big Dane that can easily and gracefully skip the obstacles we set up.
When we were at my parents\' farm of produce, we had mini donkeys and goats playing there.
These donkeys are great for pretending to be riding horses, even though they hate wearing suspenders and lead wires, and I don\'t remember them jumping successfully.
However, so far they are the closest thing to the horse, and we brushed them, unwrapped their tails and pretended they were horses, which is good enough.
It was fun for goats to walk around the lead line, although they wanted to jump on our obstacles and knock them down instead of knocking them down. We didn\'t care!
We think it\'s more realistic to train a young horse, so we put them back in place and try again.
I even had a cat and an indoor cat, and I pretended to train like a horse and jumped up and down the bank (
Sofa mat).
It was a joke because he just wanted me to touch his head so he followed my hand wherever he went.
I would say \"rising Ralph\" and \"falling Ralph\" and he would jump up and down like the perfect off-road education cat.
You might want to know why I admit this to anyone.
I just wanted to explain how horse crazy kids work and the signs that they won\'t grow from it so parents can be prepared!
Warning 9 as the crazy children of horses grow older, they begin to read more and more horse Publications.
They will begin to recognize the horses at the top of the race and who their riders are.
They will know all the details of the horse and the rider and will be able to recite them to any possible person (or may not)be interested.
When the age of the treble of the year comes, they will watch the news, read all the news about competitors, and pick the favorite ones.
We have a favorite horse, a favorite jockey, and we don\'t know what we\'re doing, but we\'re obsessed with it.
I mean, in the world of horses, what else is more fascinating than the Triple Crown?
Since I live in Maryland, I went to Susan Stakes with black eyes multiple times the day before Preakness.
If you go early, you can see the Preakness horses train in the morning.
You can bet that I have the telescope ready and, of course, my adult partner (
Bet my $2)
This behavior will also continue into adulthood.
As the age grows more superstitious and hardcore.
We have to have the same group of friends, sit in the same place in the room and eat the same food or mess things up.
We took all the necessary precautions this year and won the treble.
Warning 10 your horse mad kids will realize that they are a minority, not a majority, and they start doing all these things and continue to do other sports, or boys or other \"more normal interests \".
What I said is more normal because what they choose is not consumed like a horse.
For the crazy kids of horses who didn\'t grow up from horses, even though they seem to have grown up, none of themtrack mind.
They may have boyfriends, work, or other activities.
If you have these symptoms in your child, the final diagnosis is (
If you are reading the article, they may show all the works)
You should accept it.
We are special people.
You want to say it\'s good or bad depends on you, but it\'s better for you to learn to accept it, because for those of us who were born at the crazy permanent level of the horse.
This is an incurable disease.
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