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warren: political christmas cards are worth the effort and cost

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
With almost everything in our lives moving online and electronically, there is a tradition every year, that is, old-fashioned printed Christmas and holiday greeting cards sent by politicians in emails.
Of course, the postal strike delayed the delivery of staple food for this year\'s holiday season.
But I received a few cards in time this week.
Is Christmas cards an effective way to spread the joy of the holiday while letting you know internally about the real life of your elected politicians and their families, or is it a waste of taxpayers\' money and expensive marketing tools? I say NO!
For those who don\'t like Christmas cards.
I like to receive and criticize political Christmas cards.
I think this is the real way to effectively convey the political brand and image.
\"If done well, Christmas cards are an effective way for humanized politicians,\" said Deb Hutton, former senior advisor to Ontario\'s prime minister Mike Harris . \".
\"People like to see politicians with their families.
But if they do not do well and are not objective, they will be treated as a waste of taxes.
\"They may be very controversial,\" Heton told me . \".
\"I remember there was a Christmas when we were decorating the premier\'s wife sweater like fleur-de-lis.
\"Christmas cards printed and mailed are more expensive than emails that burst out with good wishes.
But email Christmas cards don\'t have the same lasting impact on real deals.
In my many years as a political adviser, there was little that would consume time, effort and resources as much as picking concepts, taking photos and managing to make sure the pressure of the child, spouses and/or dogs can appear at the same time to make pictures of Christmas cards.
Everyone in the office and the families of politicians have opinions on Christmas cards.
Does anyone have any good ideas about the budget? Crickets.
But ask the staff or friends about Christmas cards and you will get a lot of crazy and crazy ideas.
This year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family chose a photo of themselves on the couch by the lake, and a conservative senator chose to attack on Twitter.
The senator received considerable blows from his petty anger.
Of course, Trudeau is no stranger to the controversy over Christmas cards.
In 2010, the Trudeau family dressed themselves in coyote fur for their annual holiday card, and animal rights activists caused a stir.
Of course, photographs of his family are also on the cards of opposition leader Andrew Schell.
One of my favorite cards this year is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
William and Kate have pictures of them sitting on the trunk with their three children on their cards.
This is a great opportunity for everyone to look happy, sincere and sincere.
The King of the future may seem your next. Door neighbor.
As Canadians become less pious, more multicultural and more politically correct, Christmas has changed over the years.
Christmas songs that have been playing for decades have suddenly become controversial.
Political Christmas cards could be the next big goal to save taxpayers money.
I hope we keep our tradition and let our political leaders send Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of us.
From my family to your family-Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Jim Warren, a Liberal strategist, worked for Ontario Prime Minister Dalton McGinty and mayor of Toronto Mel lateman.
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