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water park chain to build \'africa-themed\' resort in central texas

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
By 2020, Texas Central will have a new water park resort.
The Kalahari Resort will build a fourth property
Water park by resort and conference center-
According to a press release, in the Round Rock about 15 minutes north of Austin.
This will be the company\'s first property in the southwest.
The resort has positioned its business as providing \"Real Africa-themed all-under-one-
Roof Top experience.
\"The company is privately owned by him and his family.
According to the website, it took them 23 days to visit Africa and bring back \"various experiences\" to show on their property.
According to the website, they imported coffee from Rwanda and will create an atmosphere that reflects the place in Botswana.
The resort features 1,000 rooms, a spa, a fitness center, a restaurant, shops, and a conference center.
The other three Kalahari properties in Wisconsin Dells, sandarski, Ohio and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania are also similar.
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