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water park co-owner free on bond in kansas murder case

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Kansas City, Naoto Kan.
-Union Water Park
Ten people are accused of beheading and dying. year-17-year-old boy
On Wednesday, as criminal cases against him and two others advanced, the Kansas story slide was released. Jeff Henry, co-owner of Texas-
Schlitterbahn-based water park and resort issued $500,000 in bonds within hours of being booked to Wyandotte County prison in Kansas.
Henry was charged last week including extradition from Texas where he lives after being indicted for the second time.
Kansas City water park Caleb Schwab 2016 kills first-degree murder.
His lawyer did not immediately respond to telephone messages seeking comment.
Henry will appear in court on Thursday.
The designer of this slide, John Schooley, was arrested in Texas on Monday and faces includingdegree murder.
Dallas County Sheriff\'s spokesman Raul Reina said he agreed to be extradited to Kansas at a hearing on Wednesday and will move there next week.
A school lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.
Another executive was charged with manslaughter.
A grand jury in Kansas sued Henry and the school on charges that Henry had decided to build Verruckt-
Known as the highest waterslide in the world
He and Schooley lack technical or engineering expertise in amusement park rides.
Prosecutors believe that this journey violates \"almost all aspects\" of the long-term standards set by the American Association for Testing and Materials \".
\"In fact, the design and operation of Verruckt is minimal, if any, in line with industry safety standards,\" the indictment said . \".
The raft on Caleb flew in the air and hit an overhead ring on the slide.
Winter Prosapio, spokesman for Schlitterbahn, said in a previous statement that the indictment was \"filled with information that we have completely disputed.
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