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water park opens in war-weary kabul with a splash but no women

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
KABUL (Reuters)-
After armed guards and body searches at the door, it\'s almost easy to forget at ultra-
Conservative Afghanistan, except for all the people who jumped off a colored slide and splashed water in the water, is a man. Inside a non-
Description of buildings in downtown Kabul, residents of the battle
Hardened capital has a new unusual way of escapinga state-of-the-art water park.
\"They really built a very good swimming pool.
I can\'t believe it, \"said Fahim Maeel, a visitor and company manager.
The creator of the $5 million novel is one of the few people in Kabul who did not struggle for Afghanistan\'s future after foreign combat forces left in 2014.
\"When we decided to build this place, we knew that 2014 would come,\" said Mahmod Najafi, manager and shareholder of the water park in Kabul . \".
\"2014 does not mean anything to us.
Just a year ago, Najafi and three partners gathered their cash to build the site for £ 2,300. square-metre (24,760-square-foot)
Plots near parliament building
In addition to the towering slides, there is a huge wave pool that attracts the raucous joy of adult swimmers, and one may expect the children to go to the beach for the first time.
Men wear swimming shorts but not slingshot
See the fashion suit.
In a city with an average salary of about $50 a week, a thriving middle class can afford an entry fee of 500 in Afghanistan ($9).
\"I was really proud when I saw such a development,\" said Fahim Khan, 26. year-
Old College students.
This popular hotel has a reception of up to 1,000 customers at a time. It also provides a restaurant, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a children\'s play area. Including girls who were allowed to interact with the opposite sex before the age of 10.
Women have made progress in education, health and work in a conservative Muslim society, but most people still wear headscarvesto-
Between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban forced toe burqa when the fundamentalist movement ruled Afghanistan.
Gender segregation and restrictions on women\'s public activities remain the norm.
As Afghanistan relies heavily on foreign aid, businesses like the Kabul Water Park are a rare but reassuring sign that the economy may continue as donations decline.
\"We provide work for 70 people and we provide a good environment for our younger generation,\" Najafi said . \".
\"My message to other Afghan businessmen is that if we don\'t invest out of concern for 2014, we will continue to lag behind.
Every Afghan must work alone to promote the country.
Voters will elect a new president in April, and many hope it will mark the first transition of Democratic power in Afghanistan.
But the former warlords, as candidates and unusual alliances, have attracted the attention of human rights groups.
Since President Hamid Karzai took officeS. -
In 2001, the leading coalition ousted the Taliban and banned him from running for a third term in the constitution, but his brother Qayum was registered as a candidate.
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