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water park pioneers use payment by fingerprint

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
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Last Thursday, hundreds of swimmers braved the cold temperatures and rainy weather and held a grand opening of the Kalipso water park in Limoges, Ontario.
About 160 from Montreal and a pioneer of a brandnew technology.
The water park is the first park in North America to allow swimmers to pay for food and goods with fingerprints when their wallets are stored in lockers or even at home.
Calypso, claiming to be Canada\'s largest theme Water Park, installed a fingerprint scanner at 55 pointsof-
Water Park restaurant, bar and boutique sales terminal.
Upon arrival, the guest can register a credit or debit card or deposit cash and then connect the money to the fingerprint, which is scanned into binary code stored on the Calypso central computer system.
When they leave, the information is either deleted or left in the park\'s system for future access.
\"All of our guests are wearing swimsuits,\" said Silwan Lawson, executive vice president
President Kalipso
\"They usually don\'t have a credit card or wallet, so it\'s a problem to have to go all the way back to the locker when people want to pay.
\"It seems today that Futurism may become the norm not only in water parks, but also in grocery stores, shopping malls and cinemas.
Mobile currency as credit will come to the store near you
Card company, bank, mobile
Telephone companies and e-commerce
Businesses are trying to keep their wallets at home for shoppers.
However, mobile phones are more likely to be the key to mainstream payment methods than fingerprints, as smartphones such as iPhones, Blackberries, or Android --
Power supply is expected to replace traditional mobile phones.
\"Any of these systems (
Mobile payment
Robert berbach, a senior analyst at IDC Financial Insights, said: \"It is almost necessary to run on a smartphone . \".
Fingerprint payments may still be a niche market but will not be widely used, he said. —
There are five payment methods for Canwest News service epay without wallet :-
Interactive Voice Response
The user calls the phone number, enters the payment details and codes, and uses his voice as the recognition method. —Mobile web —
Users enter the web page to enter payment information that can be linked to a credit card or bank account. —
Mobile payment application for smart phones
Users download the app to send money to retailers. —SMS messaging —
Already used in Belgium, the customer receives the invoice via SMS and confirms the payment using the password. —Near-
Field communication-
This was developed by credit and debit card companies, including the placement of chips already used for new credit and debit cards into mobile phones (
Equivalent chip in physical chip or memory card).
The antenna of the mobile phone communicates with the payment terminal, and the user can swipe the mobile phone and enter the code to confirm the purchase.
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