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water parks in california

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
California is perfect for water parks and water slides.
The weather is warm and dry all the year round, and the summer heat wave makes traveling to the beach or swimming pool a real necessity.
Some of the existing \"dry\" theme parks have added water slide expansion to their property, while one of the country\'s most famous water park franchises offers three locations in Golden State.
The famous raging waters of San Dimas are the location of the time travel comedy \"The Wonderful Adventures of Bill and Ted\", which features Napoleon Bonaparte playing in the water park.
Since then, the raging waters have opened two other parks in San Jose and Sacramento.
San Dimas park has over 50 acres of attractions including a full
The size of the man-made beach and more than 30 other slides and swimming pools.
There are more than 20 slides in the Sacramento branch and about 20 in San Jose Park.
The three parks are seasonal, open in September, and the operating dates for September and are usually limited to weekends.
Summer activities include diving
In the film, water is featured
Directed movies like great white shark and creatures from the Black Lagoon are projected on the back wall of the huge wave pool.
The raging waters of San Dimas 11 drive Dimas, CA 91773 (909)802-
2200 South White Road, San Jose, CA 95148 (408)238-
The Raging waters of 9900 Expo Avenue Raging ento1600.
Sacramento, California 95815 (916)924-
3747 ragingwaters.
ComSix Flags Opens Hurricane Harbor next to Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia, just a short drive north of Los Angeles.
The Hurricane Harbor covers about 15 acres and offers more than a dozen rides and attractions.
Magic Mountain is known for its extremely stimulating rides, and although the speed of the Hurricane Harbor is slightly mild, the height of its eight attractions is required to be 42 to 48 inch.
A pair of swimming pools are for children only, allowing families with young children to enjoy the park as well.
Hurricane Harbor is open every year on Memorial Day weekends and is limited to weekends to mid-day
The park opens seven days a week on June.
It returns to the weekend after Labor Day and ends the season at the end of September.
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor26101 Valencia, CA 91355 (661)255-4527sixflags.
Com/watereharborla/Waterworld once belonged to the Six Flags family at the amusement park until the financial crisis forced the Six Flags company to sell the water park to the new management.
It keeps the facilities--
Concord, east of San Francisco--
Visitors are also welcome during the standard working hours from 5 to September.
Like the Hurricane Harbor, it was only open for the weekend in early June and resumed until the end of August.
Before and after Halloween, it briefly returned from death with special horror --
For attractions.
About 20 attractions of the water world are divided into thrilling rides, including hanging objects and Honolulu half
Plumbing and home
Directional riding including slow cars
Mobile raft rides and children\'s pool.
Concord, Water World Park Avenue, CA 94520 (925)609-
Water World, California.
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