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water parks in central valley, california

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
The temperature in California\'s Central Valley often rises to three digits, and a few hours later, reaching the water park in the Pacific is the best way to beat the heat.
When you want to visit the water park in the Central Valley, you can choose some smaller parks that can slide to high
Provides fast slides, wave pools and other functions.
Clovis Wild Water Adventure Park (wildwater. net)
It is the first large waterslide park in central California.
It was originally opened as Lake Serena Vista in 1974 and Lake Serena Vista is a camp with three stored lakes for fishing.
Today, the water park covers 52 acres and has 38 slides and 20 water attractions.
Among the most popular attractions are the blue waves of California\'s largest wave pool, black hole dark tube sink slides and Adventure Bay children\'s play area.
The three fishing lakes are still on site and are stocked with bass, catfish, bluegill and crappie.
Arrive early as parking can be difficult later on the weekend.
Although smaller than the wild water adventure park, Fresno Island Water Park (Island Water Parkcom)
A range of water slides and other fun activities are available for families.
There are 18 water parks
The hole mini golf course, as well as the indoor area of the latest arcade games.
The water park itself has more than 40 rides and attractions, including one with three-
The story drops and a drifting River on the inner tube.
Blackbeard family entertainment center (
Fresno, Blackbearcom)
Fresno has been a staple for decades.
While some residents may link Blackbeard to its pirates
The theme mini golf course, which also provides a way to overcome heat by four regular water slides and two flood slides that add to the waves.
The slides are open from September and day passes are usually more affordable than access to wild water adventure parks or island water parks.
Pizza and entertainment center (
Timeoutpizzafuncenter. com)
Located in the suburbs of Tulare, it offers a modest water park experience compared to other Central Valley parks.
The water park consists of four cement slides at different speeds.
If you only want to ride for a few hours, the water park will provide oneand two-
Hours with all-day passes.
The center has its own pizzeria and arcades as well as a batting cage.
Children may not be able to find a lot of things to do when they are out because children under 3 are not allowed on the slides to go to the pizza and entertainment center.
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