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water parks in seattle: a huffington post travel guide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
While Seattle doesn\'t have a water park on its own, drive down quickly and I-
5 will take you to a pair of attractions that provide rides and water fun for people of all ages.
As part of the Huffington Post family travel series
Fun Park, here is our guide for visitors to learn all the key information about the water park near Seattle.
Address: Magic Pkwy S 36201, 98003 Federal Road, Washington, Tel: 253-661-
8000 hours: The park is open until October, but the opening hours are different.
Please check the park website for more information.
Price: $39 for general admission or 48 inch or more. 99;
General admission after four o\'clock P. M. , $19. 99;
Entry under 48 inch, $29. 99;
Aged 55 and above, $29. 99;
$29 for ADA tickets. 99;
Active service, $29. 99;
Children aged 3 and under are free of charge.
Please note that parking and lockers are charged (
Should you use the water park?
Please note that a little extra is required for some rides.
If you buy tickets online to go to the park, you can save some money-
They sometimes drop the price of adult tickets by $10.
Address: 20500, No. 98531, SW old road, Dahua 99, Western Australia Tel: 360-273-
7718 hours: open daily from 9: 00m. to 9 p. m.
Price: depending on the size of the room you booked, the price will vary.
Please check the website for more information.
What is your family\'s favorite Seattle water park?
See more water parks.
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