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water parks nearest to florence, alabama

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
Florence, Alabama is located on the Tennessee River and offers a range of outdoor activities, including eight city parks, skate parks and more than 60 parks --Camp.
Unfortunately, in response to the 90-degree temperatures that often occur in Florence in July and August, you have to travel for at least an hour to get to the nearby water park.
Most of the water parks in the area are strictly open during the summer.
Malard Point aquatic center is located in Decatur, an hour southeast of Florence (
Pontemale Park. com)
It is an outdoor water park with three sink tube rides, speed slides, children\'s playground and the first wave pool in the country.
You can rest on the beach in the park or swim in the Olympic-sized swimming pool.
The park also includes a golf course, an indoor ice rink, a bike lane, a batting cage, and a campsite, all of which need to be charged separately from the water park.
The park offers individuals and families-of-
Four seasonal passes
Adventure in the South (southern-adventures. com)
Located in Huntsville, 1 hour and 20 minutes east of Florence. Water-
The attractions are based on four speed slides, two children\'s slides and a children\'s play area.
The outdoor park offers a range of activities such as batting cages, carnival rides, and rock and roll.
Climb the wall
Karting track and two mini golf courses.
Guests can book a birthday party package that includes food, drinks and possible water park tickets.
Located in Brunswick, two-hour drive southeast of Florence, Spring Valley Beach (
Spring Valley Beach. com)is a 25-
Kerry water park with 10 water slides, including double Racing and four
Story tube and sound high
Black tunnel slideThe two-
The acre pool has an area reserved for children with dump barrels, water mouths and children\'s slides.
Outdoor parks include pavilions and pavilions for picnic, but guests must book in advance.
To ensure safety, Spring Valley Beach offers free sunscreen for visitors at any discount booth.
Splash Adventure (
Water Park. com)
Located in Bessemer, 2.
5 hours southeast of Florence.
Attractions include 9-story free-
Known as the fall slide of the akapurko drop, four towering closed pipe slides known as Neptune\'s plunge, a drifting River with caves and Wipeout adventure courses, a water
Theme obstacle courses with water cannons, fountains and bridges.
If you want to avoid crowds, visit the outdoor park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Refrigerators are not allowed in the park, and baby food and bottled water are only allowed.
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