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water parks nearest to fort pierce, florida

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
Located on Florida\'s Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce is an outdoor enthusiast\'s dream, offering pristine coastlines for recreation along the Indian River Lagoon, as the town crosses the Fort Pierce entrance, along with the Atlantic coastline.
There are natural coral reefs and opportunities for fishing, swimming and diving, but the town does not have its own water park.
In order to find such a park, visitors must go to other places in Sunshine State.
From Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, Sailfish Splash Water Park is in Stewart, 30 minutes south of Fort Pierce.
The park consists of two swimming pools, one with a springboard and a swim lane.
If you\'re looking for a more laid back activity, the park offers 1,000-foot-
Long drifting River and a huge \"sprayground\" with fountains, water jets and buckets for play.
Season ticket holders can enter the park 30 minutes in advance.
Disney Vero Beach Resort is designed for hotel guests and is only a 30-minute drive from Fort Pierce.
Kids can play in the hotel\'s Mickey.
Enjoy the pirate-shaped swimming pool on one side-
Theme attractions.
Adventure in the pirate adventure, twice
Story spiral waterslide, or climb the pirate ship when you spray your friends and family with a high-pressure water gun.
Rapids Water Park is the largest water park in South Florida with high
Stimulate in the form of 35 slides.
Test your nerves with a big ray, 45-
Degrees drop at speeds up to 20 miles per hour, or visit the 500-kilometer ritide raftinfoot-
Long tunnel sink with white rapids and three waterfalls. The 30-
Located an hour south of Fort Pierce, Riviera Beach\'s acre park operates from early October.
Daytona Lagoon in Daytona Beach is part of the entertainment complex with go-
Karting, mini golf and laser tag.
More than two hours north of Fort Pierce, it also includes a water park with a large scenic spot of 500,000 kilometers.
There\'s a gallon wave pool and a tunnel slide on Highway 62. foot tower.
When the water park is open from late to mid-night
In September, if the temperature stays above 65 degrees, there will be dry spots every year. round.
The Disney Typhoon Lagoon on Lake Buena Vista is part of Walt Disney World Resort.
Outdoor water park, two-hour northwest of Fort Pierce, open year-roundround.
The park has unique attractions, including the chance to surf and snorkel in the surf pool at 362,000-
A gallon tank of salt water filled with coral reefs, tropical fish and sharks.
After a long day exploring the big park, relax at the summer beach party, which includes record jockey, dance and outdoor movies.
Disney\'s Blizzard Beach is another water park in Walt Disney World Resort. Its theme is a former ski resort, which has now melted into a watery adventure.
You can take the ski lift, decorated with brightly colored sun umbrellas, as it takes you to Mount Gushmore, where you will find three water slides, including the top of the mountain lead and its 12story drop.
Elsewhere in the park, you can also play with friends in Game 8
Lane tobogan slide or fight in six streams
White water raft.
As part of the Orlando SeaWorld resort, Nanhai-
The theme Water Park includes wildlife and water amusement facilities.
Spend your day while dolphins swim and play in their tanks, or enjoy a colorful view of exotic fish in a tropical lagoon.
When drifting the river, you can see the two areas at close range, and the drifting River passes through the glass tunnel through the two water tanks. The year-
The circular outdoor water park is located two hours north of Fort Pierce.
Among the large Orlando Global Resorts, wet\' n Wild Orlando is the first water park in the world.
As a team, have a great time in the park, and there are more multiplayer rides in the park than any other water park.
Two people jump down-
Human black hole, a dark tube slide with randomly exploding light and color, or on a Disco H20, when you float on four
The wooden raft slides and dazzles the music sounds of 1970s. The year-
In the cool weather, the circular park provides heating for all swimming pools and water rides.
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