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water slide breaks; 1 teen dead, 32 hurt.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Wired: Michelle Locke AP
Story amusement park water slide collapsed on Monday, killing a teenager and injuring 32 others
Authorities said the agers on the hike, ignoring lifeguard warnings, tried to travel together.
Six people guilty.
According to RickMcCurley, when part of the US water world\'s banzaipeline was interrupted by a large group of people trying to ride the last ride before they had to leave the day, they were threatened by the vice president of Premier Park, which owns the water world.
He said the injured, many of whom were reportedly on lide hand in hand, fell about 30 feet.
McCurley said there was an announcement on the megaphone at 3: 30 park. m.
To get the students back on their bus trip to Napa.
\"The incident apparently resulted in students rushing to the lifeguards on the Banzai pipe slide to try to get them to relax in the afternoon,\" he said . \".
Total weight of 30
The odd student on the slide caused the slide to break and the student fell.
\"It just broke down and gave way,\" said San Francisco\'s witness, RussTiberio . \".
\"Crack, snap, go. That fast.
\'I heard the sound of the slide breaking.
\"There\'s blood in the water, quite a bit of it,\" said Mark Fisher, a student at Castro Valley High School who doesn\'t belong to the group on the damn slides.
\"The people who get up are shocked.
\"Parents are traveling all over the world,\" he added . \".
\"There was a lot of tears there and people were startled by the whole thing.
The San Francisco radio station KCBS said several students returning to Napa told reporters that at least 60 students were trying to break informal school records when the accident occurred.
Witnesses said the teenagers ignored warnings of individual falls.
The open slide was taken about 10 feet metres, allowing children in their teens to fly through a paved sidewalk and wooden steps.
Witnesses said the water in a pool at the bottom changed from blue to red.
As part of the graduation celebration, the students are senior students from Napa High School.
President Lars kristenson says there are 200 senior students in the park who graduated in June 12.
He said that all those who were not injured were found and had gone home.
When you take part in such an activity
\"The last thing you can think of when you go to a high-level picnic is tragedy,\" he said at Mt.
The most seriously injured students in the Diablo Medical Center are being treated.
He described the emotions of students and parents as \"shock \".
I think it\'s absolutely shocking.
\"The injured were taken by helicopter and ambulance to nine regional hospitals,\" said Pat Papa, spokesman for the emergency services office in contrakosta County. A 17-year-
Aged women, atMt is in critical condition
DaveDyer, a deputy to the Diablo chest County coroner\'s office, said the dark death of chest and heart problems. CAPTION(S)
: 2 photos (1)
Dobby Smith (left) and an unidentified girl watch the rescue work after three people collapsed
Story water slide in American Water World Park. (2)
This is a bird view of three people.
The story of Concord Ponzi tower waterslide in California
\"It just cracked and gave way,\" said Russ Tiberio, a witness in San Francisco . \".
\"Crack, snap, go. Thatfast.
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