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water slide designer is latest arrest linked to caleb schwab\'s death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
The designer of the Kansas water slide, on this slideyear-
In the death of the child, the boy was beheaded, the latest allegation in the 2016 tragedy.
It is reported that 72-year-old John Squaw was detained after arriving in Dallas on a plane from China on Monday.
DCSOHe was charged for the second time
Online prison records show a degree in murder, multiple serious crimes against children and serious battery crimes associated with Caleb Schwab\'s death.
Caleb was killed on August 2016 when he took 168. foot-tall Verrückt —
\"Crazy\" German words
Schlitle pine water park resort, Kansas.
It is said that this water slide is the largest in the world and was designed by Schooley. he \"does not have a certificate of engineering related to the design or safety of amusement facilities\"
A page of the indictment filed by Kansas said.
\"If we really know how to do this and can do it easily, it won\'t be so spectacular,\" Schooley said, according to the indictment . \".
Who is Schooley and Jeffery Henry?
Owners of Schlitterbahn Waterpark are all accused of skipping the basic steps in the design process in an attempt to speed up its schedule.
From July 10, 2014 to Caleb\'s death in August.
Investigators said seven, 2016 and 13 people were allegedly injured.
Investigators say Caleb is believed to have hit a metal rod that supports the mesh system.
His body was found in a pool at the bottom of the car.
Two adult women in Caleb were seriously injured in the incident. \"The death of [Caleb Schwab]
The indictment said: \"At first, it appeared to be an isolated and unforeseen incident until the whistleblower in Schlitterbahn\'s own team came forward, revealing the past of Schlitterbahn officials
In addition to the school, Henry and the construction company that built the slide were also charged for the second time.
A murder related to Caleb\'s death.
Taylor Austin Myers, former park operations director, and the park were also charged with manslaughter.
All passengers were charged with multiple serious batteries and were seriously endangering children due to injuries to other passengers on the slide.
Miles was arrested last month and released from Kansas prison for bond.
He pleaded not guilty.
Henry was arrested last week in Cameron County, Texas, and gave up his extradition to Kansas at a court hearing.
Authorities say the school will be held for his trial and extradition to Kansas.
Winter Prosapio, a spokesman for Schlitterbahn, said in a statement on CBS News on Tuesday that the latest prosecution against Henry, the school and the construction company \"is full of information that we are in full dispute.
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