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water world: melbourne to get four giant water slides

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Melbourne will have plenty of opportunities to slip away this summer.
Over the next few months, Melbourne\'s streets will have at least three giant water slides of up to 400 m in length, and it is possible to profit again in the hype.
The water slide, which has sold thousands of tickets, will completely cover Lansdowne Street near fitz Roy gardens with plastic and tap water.
The first water slide will be held on January 24, and the rival Melbourne slide is scheduled to be held on February 15 and March 9.
Melbourne has initially approved the operation of these three huge slides by the two companies.
Another company, City Slider, also plans to set up a company in the third quarter.
Tickets for $40 per ticket have already flown out of the gate of the Melbourne slides, which are almost sold out for both days.
Slidestreet, which sold out in Perth, expects its strong social media presence to translate into ticket sales when tickets are sold.
The two companies have more than 5000 likes on Facebook, an example of how this craze has attracted slider imagination across the country.
Janelle Morse from Slidestreet attributed the huge interest in these events to the nostalgia for the backyard slides, sliding using plastic, detergent and hoses.
\"It\'s really a landmark tradition in Australia, slippery, and it\'s going to take it to a new level,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a unique experience to give people the opportunity to slide down the street they might drive and change it in a day.
Ms. Morse said the company was inspired by the huge popularity of the water slide, which was founded in Bristol in last May, and it was actually an art device.
\"Definitely interested in it.
\"We want to tour in every major city and do it locally,\" she said . \".
Stuart Harris, from the City Slider, said that his company\'s slides in Launceston and Newcastle have been sold out and are very interested in Hobart.
He said about 3500 people took the slide when the day was over.
On the slide, a regular ticket for half an hour costs $35.
He expects that there is no problem selling tickets for so many huge slides in Melbourne.
\"We may increase the number of people on the track.
The management of water is complex.
\"You have to maintain the level of chlorine in public health standards,\" he said . \".
While slides are a \"profitable adventure,\" he says, the logistics of setting up slides and shipping them also makes it a dangerous adventure.
\"This is the same as all events.
Like music activities, the risk is high and the return is high.
You can make a lot, you can lose a lot.
A spokeswoman for Melbourne said the slides had been temporarily approved by the Council, and the event team worked with the companies to ensure the event was set up correctly.
The water on the slide will be 1-day event.
The factors that approved the slides included safety, risk management, toilets and traffic control, she said.
However, she said that slides are likely to be approved as long as they meet the correct criteria.
In total, the council received five separate proposals for hosting a temporary waterway.
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