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waterpark motels near columbus, ohio

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
The metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio has a wide range of accommodation, but only two accommodation options have their own water park.
The Columbus hotel also has a smaller water entertainment area.
All rooms are indoors and even in the cold Buckeye State Winter, guests can splurge and splash most of the year.
Indoor water park resortfortrapids. com)
Next to Interstate 70 Hamilton Road, Columbus offers several accommodation packages including water park tickets.
Highlights of 60,000-square-
1,000 water park is a children\'s play area
A gallon dump bucket and 12 rides, including 4 water slides.
Standard rooms and family rooms included
Premium suite free of chargespeed Internet.
Take a cowboy burger or other western burger after riding on the slide
Choose from the style of the resort\'s branded iron grille or copper star salon sports bar.
In your spare time, spin around on the journey
Karting or bumper cars in magic Shandong, 3.
5 miles east of Fort Rapids, or visit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, 6 miles east of the resort.
Cherry Valley hotels (
Sherimale Lodge Hotelcom)
Less than 30 miles from Port Columbus International Airport, Newark has 200 rooms and free wireless Internet access
Fi is the home of CoCo Key Water Resort with 50,000-square-
Indoor Park with Key West theme.
Attractions of CoCo Key include the coconut forest adventure River and three 40-
Foot water slide: Shark slam, crocodile surge, Barracuda explosion.
The cottage offers a water park package with several other recreational options when you are not wet, such as a stroll through the resort\'s botanical gardens, or take a leisurely run or bike ride on the scenic trail of Cherry Valley.
Another nearby attraction is The Works, an interactive Discovery Museum five miles east of The cottage.
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Columbus Polaris Avenue (hiexpress. com)
Located 15 miles north of downtown Columbus, there is an indoor water entertainment area, but not the same size as Fort Rapids and cocoa.
The Daily \"splash pad\" of the hotel includes 29-
There are foot spiral water slides with splash buckets, frog slides and mushroom falls, basketball stands and children\'s play areas.
The spiral slide is only open from Friday to Sunday.
The hotel has 104 guest rooms and suites, each with free wireless Internet access.
Complimentary hot breakfast is available.
Nearby attractions include a mini golf course, a golf club, go-
The karting and laser tag of the Magic Mountain Polaris is only one mile from the hotel or Ohio Railroad Museum and less than five miles from the hotel.
If you stay at the Water Park hotel in the Columbus area, from late spring to early autumn, you can go to the only large outdoor water park in the capital: Zoombezi Bay (zoombezibay. com)
Next to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The 22-
There are 17 slides, a wave pool, an action River, a lazy river, a private cabin and a children\'s play area in Acre Park.
In the sights of Zoombezi Bay: great boa falls, take you through the tunnel, at zero
Enter the landing pool and the mountain of gravity;
Python Plunge, water skiing on the upper slope;
There is also a 500-kilometer tornado in Tahiti. foot-
Through the cycle, the curve and acceleration drop plus the raft ride. A two-
A one-day combo ticket allows you to spend the day at the zoo and spend the day at Zoombezi Bay for a lower price.
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