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west edmonton mall water park assault suspect under close surveillance after complaints, trial hears

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
A supervisor at West Edmonton Mall Water Park testified on Friday that from the moment a group of girls alerted him, staff had been watching the asexual attack suspect closely.
Erika Bevan told the court that a suspect in a blue suitcase was closely monitored after the girl complained.
\"We always make sure we see him,\" Bevan said at the Edmonton provincial court . \".
Officials ended their prosecution of 40-year-old solehajjsoleiman on Friday, accused of six sexual assaults and six sexual contacts with children.
The defense chose not to call any evidence.
In February, Bevan served as acting director of the water park.
2017, when she noticed a group of girls talking to a lifeguard.
When she went to see what was going on, she said a group of girls complained that they had been touched improperly and pointed to a man in the pool.
Bevan, after calling the security guard, said that when he left the pool to go to the locker room, she followed the person the girl pointed.
\"On such a thing, we make sure we go to the right people,\" she said . \".
Bevan testified that when she stopped at the door and her male colleague followed him in, she had been following the man to the men\'s locker room.
A few seconds later, a man walked to the dressing room with security guards and played video surveillance in court.
Adam Karbani, defense lawyer for Soleiman, has consistently stated throughout the case that the key issue is not whether the crime has occurred, but whether the appropriate person has been arrested.
He asked the chief detective in charge of the case, guststa Laforce, why the police did not take pictures during the investigation, especially since no girl had seen the suspect.
\"On the basis of the evidence, I feel there is no reason.
\"We have complaints and witnesses pointing him out to the lifeguard,\" Laforce testified . \".
\"Identity is not a problem.
\"Karbani believes that there is no doubt that Soleiman is the responsible person and he points out that he is one of the many people in the busy wave pool.
He also raised questions about whether the girls could see the suspect\'s face from the lifeguard\'s position on the top of the ladder.
Prosecutor Laurie Trahan said there was enough evidence that Suleiman was the one accused of catching and touching them in the waves.
When the girls reported what happened to the lifeguards, she said, they all pointed to the same man in the pool.
On April 17, the royal family and the defense will return to the court for a final debate on the case.
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