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west new york proposes american flag ban

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
A small town in western New York, north of New Jersey, may pass a law banning the display of American flags.
A proposed regulation will regulate the display of windows in businesses and television installed on cars, which will prohibit \"flags, banners and flags \".
\"Flags are included in 19\" banned anywhere \"items in Western New York, the Hudson County town across the Hudson River from New York City.
Committee of Commissioners of New York
A preliminary version of the regulation was passed on Wednesday and a final vote is scheduled for next month.
The regulation is made by Mayor Felix Locke (D)
Is currently being sued by the federal government for computer hacking.
Pablo Fonseca, a spokesman for Roque, denied that the regulation would ban the United States flag flying in the town.
\"This pushed it to an extreme,\" Fonseca told Huffington Post . \".
\"The mayor is a retired colonel in the Army.
The regulation covers only commercial flags, banners and flags, Fonseca explained.
The regulation does not indicate that prohibited items are commercial items.
Last year, the Housing Authority of Wrentham conducted a large-scale investigation.
Until the next day, a strong protest forced the American flag to reverse.
Those who oppose the West New York regulations say Rock, who was elected in 2011, is using the flag ban to fight the recall, and efforts to transform the government form of the town from a commission of Commissioners with administrative and legislative functions to another form with independent legislative and administrative branches.
Frank Ferriero, the founder of the Western Residents Association of New York, told PolitickerNJ.
He sees rock\'s goal as a campaign against the mayor, which includes a truck, who runs around town on a TV and plays-Roque videos.
Ferrero is trying to change the form of government.
Earl Wiley, park and public property Commissioner (D)
The former rock ally, who is now trying to recall the mayor, told the Huffington Post that he believes the political climate in western New York is prompting rock to push the ban.
He said few people discussed the flag section of the ban.
On Wednesday, Willie was the only town commissioner to vote against the preliminary passage of the regulation.
\"They are trying to control all aspects,\" Willie told Huffington Post . \".
\"It includes everything.
So whenever there\'s something that makes them unhappy
Other items prohibited in the proposed regulations include \"flashing, moving, animated or digital signs\", all signs that discharge smoke and steam, signs outside the window, signs that occupy 15% of the window, neon signs, inflatable signs, signs that interfere with traffic are not affiliated signs for the purpose of the premises.
Violators are fined $1,000 per sign.
Complete regulations can be seen here.
Willie questioned the constitutional aspect of the ban, noting that if he had set up a campaign headquarters, he was only allowed to sign a limited number of bans.
He also said that this \"non-affiliated\" language could prevent businesses from posting political signs.
Since the 2011 election, Willie and Locke have fallen out on the reform platform.
Earlier this year, rock and his son were accused of hacking into the computers of political opponents.
The case is being heard by the federal court.
Fonseca, spokesman for Roque, stressed that the proposal was not political.
\"This is to protect the residents of western New York,\" Fonseca said . \".
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