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wet and wild party - it\'s a backyard splash party

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
Relax with the wet wild backyard splash party: Tots for preparing invitations: buy inflatable beach balls from the local dollar store, inflate and use sharpie to write birthday details on the ball.
Deflate and put it in an envelope with instructions for blowing beach balls.
Games/activities: no pool? No worries!
Choose from the following games and events to create your own wet and wild backyard splash party.
A trip to the dollar store will get a lot of cheap prizes. Slip-n-Slide -
Slippery growth-n-
Slides are a tradition of summer!
Bring back some retro summer fun!
Wet sponge throwing
It\'s like a pie in a face game, but the kids use a big soaked car wash sponge to cool an adult at the party.
This is a perfect job for an aunt or uncle who wants to help the party! Sprinkler Fun -
Give each child an empty cup and let them choose a location around the sprinkler.
They can\'t move once the sprinkler is up!
The first child to win the trophy.
Fine for moving-
Pour your cup over your head and start over! Frozen Potato -
Freeze a water ball and use it to play the game of freezing potatoes. . .
Like hot potatoes!
When the music stopped, the man with the frozen potatoes went out.
The last one won!
Water Gun tag or water gun tag-
This is a traditional tag game but with water!
Water Balloon throwing
Better for older kids!
Beach Games
Move the beach ball to the finish line with a water gun!
Paint the fence-
Set the bucket and the big brush to see which child can draw the section of the wooden fence as soon as possible. Go Fish -
Use a baby pool as a fish pond!
Use the magnetic kids fishing rod set, Fish of each color = different prizes.
If you\'re entertaining older kids, let them \"fish\" prizes with their feet!
Food: Sun shaped sandwich
Make a sandwich shaped like the sun with a cookie cutter!
Fish jelly
Combine 4 envelopes of Knox tasteless gelatin with 3 small boxes of blue jelly.
Add 4 cups of boiling water to stir until dissolved.
Pour into the 9 \"x 13\" baking tray and cool to firm.
Cut out the blue fish with a fish-shaped cookie cutter!
Knox gelatin will help these stay stable at high temperatures!
Clock in seawater-
Use blue food coloring to make lemonade look like blue water.
Float some chewing gum fish in it for fun!
Fruit KabobsCake-
Save money for yourself
Roast, don\'t buy it!
You don\'t need any cake decoration skills to make cupcakes with icing sugar!
Add cute little picks for instant decor like flip-flops! Party Favors -
Freeze party offers in ice cubes, and at the end of the party, let each child melt the ice to get their offer!
Drop or throw is not allowed. . .
They can only rub it on the hot sidewalk!
Your small torpedo diving in the pool is perfect for freezing!
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