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wet \'n\' wild las vegas unveils a water slide with a video game twist

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Combining the original and simple ideas of guitar heroes
Like the video game on the water park slide, it turned the virtual reality of the past into reality.
World experience. Built by Canada
Headquartered in West Whitewater, firstof-its-
Likely to enter the wet \"wild\" Las Vegas Slide will allow passengers to become game players when navigating the winding 300foot-
Long enclosed sink.
Designed to make it easy for novices to understand and challenging for hardcore players, Slideboard features controllers and targets familiar to anyone who has played video games.
The rider sat upright on the Bugi board.
Like a raft made by hand.
Have twice as many game controllers.
There are two glow buttons on the left handle (red and yellow)
The handle on the right has two other buttons (blue and green).
Game Object: click the color button corresponding to the LED bulb that shines inside the stadium-
Black sink when you pass through a hidden sensor.
The closer you get to your goal, the more points you accumulate.
Riders are punished for deliberately slowing down to improve their grades.
With levels of difficulty up to 36, the rider first matches a color with several selected targets in the slide, and then in subsequent trips, when they pass through more than 20 target areas, will advance to multiple button combinations.
Inside the inflatable Rubber Board is a small onboard computer with a synthetic cotton core and an injection molding back that vibrates whenever a rider successfully hits the target.
Scores are posted next to the passenger nickname on the scoreboard near the splash pool at the end of the sink, and daily high scores are recorded on smartphone apps and dedicated websites.
The competitive nature of the game is expected to encourage repeat runs so that riders can practice and improve-
They can only do something in the water park.
Wet\' n\' Wild is finally hoping to host tournaments for top players.
Sync rider and motherboard via radio-
Before lifting the tower to the top of the slide, identify the wristband at the frequency of the station.
The countdown screen above the slide entrance shows the rider\'s nickname and difficulty once the board is put into the water.
Those who are not interested in the game can simply enjoy the atmospheric light show, which is timed to be a score, and the score decreases gradually as each slide drops.
On August, Whitewater Western employees tested skateboarding technology in the nearby Lake Kurt Park in BC, modifying the existing Tubular horror slide.
At a trade conference at the end of October, after installing a new skateboard system at Nevada water park, a similar preview test was conducted in the Wet \"n\" Wild Las Vegas.
WhiteWater West modified the existing Zipp Zapp Zoom closed slide with 20 sensors-
This means that the rider will encounter a glowing target in about a second.
The new slides will not open to the public until 5.
Skateboard systems that can be adapted to existing slides or installed into new installations use wireless technology, networked computers, position sensors, and LED lighting to make low
Good wattage game environment mixed with water.
WhiteWater West has attracted European interest in the new skateboard concept and plans to push the new skateboard to the United StatesS.
And the Asian water park in the coming months.
Wolf Inn national country hotel chain-
The theme hotel, featuring indoor water park, plans to open a slide this year in the Pocono Mountains of Williamsburg, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
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