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what are water slide-off decals?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Before the invention of pressure
Sensitive Plastic decals (
About 1950s)
All decals made using water slides-off decals. Water slide-
Off decals are made by printing the graphics you want to show on the product or as promotional decals on the release paper. Water slide-
Decals printed in silk-
Screen printing method (A. K. A screen-printing).
Screen printing is a very old type of printing invented by China in the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).
This kind of printing is called Silk.
Because the net used to press the ink is made of silk. The term silk-
Screening has not been used since the 1960s.
At present, synthetic threads are commonly used in the process of screen printing;
Generally, the most popular mesh yarn is made of polyester fiber.
The wire mesh printer can use special mesh material of nylon and stainless steel.
Screen printing uses a polyester screen similar to a screen, so the term is \"screen printing\" and the screen is coated with emulsionreactive.
When this lotion is exposed to light, a template imprint of the graphic to be printed is left, and each color to be printed has its own screen.
Back to the problem at hand, the water slide-
Off decals are printed one color at a time on the release paper, as each color has to dry before printing the next color.
The substrate for ink printing is water-
Resistant paper with a layer of water
Soluble adhesive.
When the finished decal is immersed in water, the adhesive on the water-
Release a resistant paper from paper with a decal between the water
The soluble adhesive on the surface of the printed image decal and the final clear ink coating. Water slide-
No printed substrate on the Off decal.
Release pad or water-
Resistant paper is only a temporary carrier for the image of the decal.
Water slide-off (
Also known as water transfer decals)
Transferred to the substrate where you adhere the image.
Before the plastic invention using the adhesive, all decals are water transfer decals, whether for promotions, branded products, hazards or warning decals.
You will still find the water slide-
Furniture decoration, baseball bat brand and other industry decals.
The reason these industries use this old technology is that the water transfer decal is as thin as a layer of paint.
When decals are transferred to a piece of furniture for decorative purposes, or a baseball bat for marking varnish is applied to the image.
Because the decal is just ink, the image does not leave a raised or raised area where the image is applied. Water slide-
The decoration of ceramics also uses off or water transfer decals, which are called ceramic decals, but this is another item.
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