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what to pack for a trip to a water park?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
One day in the water park, even the most mature adults will feel like a child again.
You don\'t need to take as much gear to the water park as you go to the beach, because there are things that are provided for you, but careful packing can avoid you having to buy items from the park\'s gift shop, it must be expensive.
Bathing suits are absolutely essential when visiting the water park.
Most parks have rules that prohibit guests from wearing swimsuits in the water, and your park may also ban certain types of swimsuits.
For example, a light and thin swimsuit may violate the rules, and any metal rivets or decoration may violate the rules.
Some parks also prohibit guests from wearing shirts or covers.
On the rides, so choose a suit that you walk around in a comfortable suit.
Your Park may or may not allow you to wear water shoes in the swimming pool or rides, so please check first.
Ideally, you will go to the park wearing a suit under your clothes to save time in the dressing room.
Wear casual, relaxedto-
Take off your clothes on it.
When walking around the wet sidewalk, wear sandals with rubber or tread soles to prevent slipping.
You may feel cold in the morning or when the sun goes down, so bring a comfortable sweatshirt or jacket.
You also need to change your clothes at the end of the day.
It would be nice to wear your clothes if they are dry, but at least bring dry underwear.
It\'s wise to pack a whole set of dry clothes in case you get wet.
Pack plenty of waterproof sunscreen and be careful to re-apply every few hours.
If you don\'t get to the park early enough to get a chair with an umbrella, you\'ll get stuck in the sun most of the day, so bring a wide one --
Hats and sunglasses.
Most water park locker rooms have showers so you can wash the chlorine off before changing your clothes, so take a trip with you
Large vials of shampoo and shower gel.
Chlorine is drying, so apply with lotion after drying.
Bring enough female care products for the whole day, if necessary.
Most parks don\'t allow you to bring any food, so you need to eat early.
There may be exceptions if you travel with your child or have restrictions on your diet.
If you are traveling with young children, pack your diaper bag with swim diapers, wipes, plastic bags and extra clothes.
Some parks will distribute towels or rent them, but you can make sure they are clean if you bring them yourself.
Leave most of your equipment and personal belongings at home or hide them in the car.
Bring your car keys, cash, license and mobile phone in a waterproof bag.
Store these items in lockers and always place keys on your wrist.
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