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when taylor kitsch and mark wahlberg race each other through an obstacle course, we\'re the ones who truly win

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Get ready for your philosophical questions today, who will win questions when two sexy men like Taylor Kitz and Mark Walberg compete through a huge inflatable Handicap course.
In this case, it was the audience who won because we witnessed Taylor and Mark jumping off the wall, turning over each other and playing wrestling.
We just needed a comfortable recliner and a large can of cheese balls and we were all ready as we looked.
The star of the lonely survivor continues to promote the new film for Ellen, because Ellen degenis really understands what her audience wants, and she lets the two big men race through obstacles, make money for the charity they choose.
As both Mark and Taylor have been trained by the SEALs to prepare for the lonely survivors, they are all in good shape.
This leads to the question: Alan, why did you put them on the shirt? Damn.
Anyway, watch them fight cute throughout the process and bet at any time who you think will be the winner.
If you win, you can watch the video again.
If you lose, you can watch the video again.
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