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where and when you can use inflatable arch? - advertising

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
Inflatable arches are becoming more and more popular.
The Archway inflatable toy is perfect for triathlon, racing, Marathon, sponsorship, charity events and grand opening.
Artwork can be printed on inflatable or removable banners so you can change sponsors every year.
Inflatable arches pay for themselves at the event by sponsoring, leasing and increasing exposure.
They can be set inside or outside in a few minutes.
Easy to use benefits of inflatable arch: Inflatable arch light weight, easy to install.
You can plug in your arch and tie it up and your arch will be built up in a few minutes.
When the event is over, no special tools are needed to remove the arch.
Just unplug the hair dryer and pull the zipper open and the arch will come down soon.
You can then pack it in a handbag provided.
The arch inflatable package is small and relatively light in weight, so you can easily ship the arch to the next event.
Cost-effective: inflation is an affordable alternative to attracting attention to your activities.
The cost-effectiveness is varied.
Inflatable devices are cheaper than many traditional Truss devices.
You can put an international sponsor banner on the inflatable toy to help pay for the actual inflatable.
Then the inflatable arch will last for many years.
There is no need for a dedicated labor force to build an arch so that labor costs can be saved.
Inflation can rise in a few minutes and can easily move around if needed.
Some organizations have activities, the event starts in one place, and the event ends in another place.
Using a traditional truss system, it is difficult for the organizer to move the arch from position to position.
With the inflator, you can set the inflator in one position at the beginning of the activity, then easily deflate the inflator if necessary, and set it in another position to complete the activity.
Draw attention: inflatable arches can be made in any color, in any size and in any design style you can imagine.
The most popular inflatable arch is the 45-degree corner arch.
On the arch, an organization can put its logo on the arch so that brand recognition can be realized.
Non-profit organizations especially like to use arches.
Sponsor banners that can be added to the arch can be sold.
It was a win because the organization could show its logo and the sponsors were happy that they were involved in the event and were honored.
What are you looking for an inflatable arch?
It is very important to buy inflatable arches from a company specializing in inflatable products.
If you want to use it for years, there are cheap arch versions that need to be far away.
Make sure the arch is made of vinyl coated nylon for the best durability.
The recommended weight of the material is 7. 5 ounces.
Arches made of polyester are easier to tear.
You will also need a vendor to help you make the best decisions based on your activity needs.
If your activity grows, you don\'t want the arch to be too small.
Experienced account executives can help you work on a budget and make sure you get what you need to make your campaign more successful.
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