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where to buy a banzai falls water slide online

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
If the temperature is hot and you want people at home to enjoy the sun in the back garden, you have to choose a really great outdoor water slide.
You can choose some great products.
One of the best products available at the moment is the Banzai Falls Original water slide.
If you buy this particular inflatable waterslide, you will end up giving your child a great time in the hot summer months.
The Banzai water slide is really big, so kids can use the attached ladder to climb up the back of the slide.
When they reach the top of the mountain, they just need to sit down and push themselves away from the edge with their hands.
They will travel down the slide and enjoy the journey down into the bottom waiting for their pool.
This inflatable water slide is not only colorful, but also strong in structure.
Its size is an incredible 10 feet high, 18 feet long and 5 feet wide.
The weight limit potential of this slide is a huge 200lbs, which means that it is almost impossible for this slide to be destroyed due to excessive weight or excessive pressure.
This special slide is made of Terylene covered by PVC, which provides additional toughness and support.
The actual slip surface area is made of PVC coated polyester waterproof oil cloth.
This helps the kids to enjoy the wonderful slides from the top to the ground.
When you\'re ready to put this particular slide together, it\'s easy to put the Banzai slide together, and you have to simply expand it to make sure it\'s completely flat in the backyard on the front lawn.
Place the water bag around the side to ensure the water bag is stable on the ground.
A proper amount of ground pins are included in this package and for further stability and stability you need to put them around the slide.
Connect the blower, flip the switch and watch the whole unit start to inflate and form.
The inflatable slide will be fully filled in a few minutes.
The last thing you need to do is connect the water pipes in order to fill the whole thing with water.
The end result will be your own little water park, located in your backyard for all to enjoy.
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