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which indoor playground to visit?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
My daughter is almost two years old.
I\'m still trying to keep up with her amazing energy levels and her focus on play.
Keeping her physically busy is a rather daunting task.
Given the gloomy weather we have experienced recently, I am grateful for the presence of the indoor playground.
Another thing to note is that they are available in most large shopping malls.
Look at the three indoor playgrounds I took my daughter to and play at home for a while: from the three branches in China to the Kid\'z paradise, this indoor playground is now available at the mines in Selangor Seri Kembangan.
It is located on the 4 th floor, where most children are
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At the entrance to Kid\'z paradise, the first thing I see is the \"sand pit\" in front \".
It may look like a bunker, but it\'s not.
\"Sand\" is actually the seed of the seed plant.
Some studies suggest that these mature dry seeds have medicinal value.
They are very popular in China, but they are not so famous in Malaysia.
These seeds look and feel a bit like brown rice to me.
They feel smooth but not as thin as the sand.
Fun to play with, Kid\'z heaven knows this.
In the decider pit, children\'s paradise places many interesting sand wheels and toys for children.
This pit is definitely the main attraction of the playground.
If you are early, let your child play in the pit first, because the pit will fill up quickly over time.
Most children come in and head straight to the final pit.
Once you have finished this pit, it is easy to knock out the seeds;
However, you may still find some seeds on your child\'s clothes.
However, there are relatively seeds in other regions.
Free as employees keep vacuuming.
Kid\'z Paradise offers the usual slides and pool of balls, but remains competitive with its special toys --in-
Sports function, even trampoline.
The mechanical toy structures are well padded and move at a rather slow pace.
Young and older children can play with them safely.
There are also mobile toy cars for children.
To get a quick break from a physical game, you can buy rubber art cards for your child and attend arts and crafts meetings.
These cards are available in a variety of cartoons and in several colors to choose from.
In addition to the playground itself, the children\'s paradise offers space next to the shoe rack, lockers and entrance, allowing you to \"park\" your stroller.
There is even a baby room with sink, baby locker room, two small beds for rest and free hot water.
Like most large indoor playgrounds, Kid\'z Paradise also offers free WiFi to customers.
Kid\'z Paradise has plenty of space to reserve areas for birthday parties.
It offers two packs-one for up to 10 children and the other for up to 20 children.
Both packages include a one-day playground ticket.
The entrance fee to Kid\'z paradise is 25 yuan on weekdays and 38 yuan on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. It has a drop-and-
Shopping service for hourly fee.
Advantages: the decisive pit is not so messy than the sand.
Disadvantages: there is only one exit;
It tends to become crowded during peak times.
KizSports & GymKizSports & Gym offers a playground, a party package, and sports and music programs.
It has four branches in the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur and subon.
All the playgrounds are impressive, located in the iconic playground of the Imperial shopping gallery.
The Playland structure has a large multi-level maze full of obstacles.
There are a variety of slides, scramble nets, tunnels and pools.
The structure is relatively safe as it is mostly padded and net around.
The children like the challenges they face in this playground very much.
There are different corners and corners to keep it excited.
From my observation, it seems that most parents have a hard time coaxing their children out of the game structure. So be warned.
KizSports & Gym meets the needs of young people by providing simpler game equipment.
This is a separate area full of plastic playrooms, slides and a pool of balls.
Outlets in Bangsa village and imperial shopping gallery offer toilets in KizSports.
However, the toilet of the Empire is limited to children only.
Public toilets outside need adult use.
Admission fee for KizSports & Gym is RM28 on weekdays and RM38 on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.
You can also register your membership at a discounted ticket price.
It also provides a dropand-
Shopping is provided only for children over three years of age.
WiFi is available here.
KizSports & Gym is not just an indoor playground, it also offers a variety of programs for children aged 1 to 13.
Depending on your age, you can register for a study, body or enrichment course for your child.
A wealth of classes include ballet, Speech and Drama, relaxed Mandarin, taekwondo and kindergarten.
I am surprised that these children\'s shows are now receiving younger children.
Small crawler (
Under the fitness plan)
Accept the children as long as they are already crawling.
The Kindermusik program accepts new students!
Of course, all of these projects are designed to help develop and develop certain skills.
The added benefit is that they are all designed for kids and look fun.
KizSports & Gym also offers birthday packages including themed parties.
However, the minimum number of children attending the party was 15.
Pros: The indoor playground is impressive and specific children\'s programming is also available.
Cons: The weekend will get very crowded and the parties and classes will get a bit noisy.
Capcom station family indoor theme park/children\'s park if you have older children to entertain, Capcom station is your ideal choice.
Shopping malls in different states across Malaysia.
Visit its family theme park or children\'s park.
I took my daughter to the children\'s playground on the 2 th floor of Shah Alam Setia City Mall.
This place is full of all kinds of children\'s rides you will usually find in the mall, and more!
There\'s a jungle.
Theme playground as it only allows children under 12 years of age to enter.
Parents of children aged four and under are encouraged to supervise their children from outside the playground.
There are usually slides that slide into the pool and inflatable structures for bouncing.
The products in the playground seem a bit limited.
But if you have young children who want them to run around on the padded floor and are relatively a child, that\'s enough --safe play area.
The main attractions of Capcom station are definitely rides and arcade games.
It\'s like an indoor playground.
There is a machine that allows you to eat as much candy as possible.
You can play drums or even basketball games.
Capcom Station works on prepaid cards.
All you need to do is buy a card to click on rides, games, and even enter playland.
It takes 10 yuan to enter Playland.
The prices of games and rides vary.
Suitable for older children.
Disadvantages: adults cannot accompany their children in the playground.
Conclusion indoor playground or children\'s playground is an ideal place for children to exercise.
Most of these organizations provide VIP membership cards.
I recommend this card for frequent visitors.
Some members even allow free access to their other branches or charge a cheaper fee.
For new parents, keep in mind that the most important clothing you have to have at any time is socks.
Children and accompanying adults are required to wear all indoor playgrounds.
Just pack them into baby bags.
Fortunately, they are very light.
In addition to socks, be sure to put on your child clothes that are suitable for climbing, jumping and sliding.
Remember to take additional precautions to make sure your child takes a shower (
Even disinfection)
After playing with the equipment, their hands.
With the indoor playground blooming all over the place, every playground has better game equipment and children usually have a good time.
But as a parent, I will definitely not complain.
Note: This is the author\'s personal observation, and it is not the recognition of The Star Online.
* Lin Ying may have a blog with me in little muachy.
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