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why a popular alexandria water park may lose its lease

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
It sounds like everyone\'s victory: open one of Alexandria\'s oldest houses to the public, extending the life of a popular water park
Added a new exciting journey to boot.
But the proposal was made before it was announced to a city eager for a new playground and was determined to ensure public scrutiny of government land transactions.
In a phone call and email from a comment line, as well as in a public meeting, critics attacked the Alexander City Council for considering renting the grounds of Dalang water park to the North Virginia Regional Park Authority by 2036, the expansion will hardly bring any money to the city, but will allow the authorities to fund the purchase of the Historic House and the \"master blasting\" water roller coaster.
Some say the council should change 26-
Kerry Park, including batting cages and mini
Play golf and golf.
Some say land should be used to generate income for cashstrapped city.
Some have complained that agreements involving historical buildings and lease extensions were negotiated for public reasons.
\"Seriously, what else did the city give away?
Michelle eloud asked, his information on the hot line shows that the city\'s charging market --
Rent for water park grounds, not currently $10 per year.
Now the offer to buy this historic house has failed;
The owner\'s offer expired on Wednesday and the park authority did not seek an extension.
City councillors who have been severely criticized promise that all options for leasing will be fully announced within the community.
\"Three years ago, when we approached the city with this, we didn\'t know there would be any difficulties,\" said Paul Gilbert, executive director of the park authority . \".
\"I think other jurisdictions in the area would be very frustrated if there were no big waves.
\"In the 1970 s, Alexander was eager to host the water park.
Bill Dickinson said Nova Parks plans to build a wave pool in the County of ferfax, where he has worked on the board for 12 years as a representative of Alexander, including as chairman.
Alexander pleadedbegged —
\"The power to find it here,\" Dickinson said . \".
At the time, near the southwest corner of the city, Eisenhower Avenue was a frustrating industrial zone, and officials in Alexandria were looking for ways to enliven the area.
The city signed a 40-
The park was immediately hit by a one-year lease in 1981.
A large wave pool, five waterslides and a children\'s area attract tourists from the area
About 105,000 in the last three months.
A month of summer.
Plus the cost of 49,000 people using the ball cage and 10,000 people playing mini games
Golf, the others cast a line on the man.
Last year, Cameron Run Park earned $506,000 for the park authority, ranking third
Ranked highest among the 30 facilities of the authority.
On 2013, Nova Parks began an informal discussion on the extension of the lease, which will expire on 2021.
Two years ago, the authority formally proposedyear extension.
On November 2014, the park and entertainment committee of Alexandria held a meeting to discuss the idea, which was the first sign of trouble.
Some residents complained about garbage and dumping in the park, and the commissioners severely criticized the park authority.
Some people suggest using the area for sports fields, which is in increasing demand in the city.
City officials say Cameron\'s Park-run West district of Eisenhower has a population of about 29,500 and is expected to increase by 10,000 by 2040.
At the same time, the number of students enrolled in public schools in Alexandria has increased significantly, with an annual increase of 5% expected over the next 10 years.
Since 2011, the number of children participating in the Alexander Football Association league has more than doubled, from 1,800 to 4,000, the association\'s former president, John Timmons, said last week.
\"Every one of our shows is full right away,\" he said . \".
The Park Council recommends that the city study other uses before signing the new lease.
But City Manager Rashad Yang is on his way out and his successor has not been appointed so no research has been done.
Instead, Nova Parks, who runs the site in northern Virginia, commissioned a consultant who priced three options: two bright outdoor lawns and a small supporting building that cost about $7. 65million;
An outdoor lighting site and a site house with a second site for about $17 million;
Or outdoor venues and 50-
The rice pool inside the field is $18. 6million.
At about the same time, the authority found a way to increase the offer for a lease extension.
It makes reservations and opens a little to the public.
Famous Alexander treasure, private residence on 517 Prince Street.
Built in 1772, the old town was occupied by descendants of the same family in 184.
Gilbert received a call in early 2015 from Lance Malamo, director of the historical Alexander office, about the house. The owner, 89-year-
Old Joseph Reid wants to sell the house, but also to make sure the house is kept properly, says Mallamo.
Unlike many periods owned by the rich --
Mount Vernon-
This is a more typical example of the 18 th.
Century home and business.
It used to be a blacksmith\'s home, where he ran a very stable apartment.
There is a slave dormitory upstairs.
Gilbert calculates that if Nova Parks gets a lease extension from Cameron Run, the authority can get money to renovate the water park to buy a house, which he now calls \"Murray\'s uniform \".
\"Ruide can live there, and Nova Parks will use this home regularly for public education programs and research.
Gilbert sent a memo to new city manager Mark Jinks last summer detailing the cost of replacing Cameron\'s run with a sports field, and made suggestions to extend the rental of the facility, buy Murray\'s pool and improve the water park.
By that time, Mr. kinks said, Alexander was running a controversial mayoral election and had undertaken several other major planning projects.
Cameron did not start his campaign until January.
In the end, Jinx and his staff began negotiations with Gilbert to shorten the duration of the proposed lease and to withdraw 2,000 free youth park tickets if leased, will be distributed through the city\'s summer entertainment program
The extension plan was approved.
On June 13, the city council put the proposal and related issues on the agenda of a public meeting scheduled to take place five days later.
This is the first time the community has been told about the possibility of a transaction.
The park and entertainment commissioner said they had been asking for an renewal lease extension for months and they were very angry about it.
At the meeting, they and their supporters accused the council of trying to put an end to public deliberation.
\"If this happens on the east end of the city, we will have a meeting after the meeting,\" said Judy noritak, former chairman of the park Council, referring to the richer places in Alexandria, old Town and historic houses included.
\"We didn\'t have a chance to create a vision for the park, so we sold the West End short.
Commissioner Gina Baum said he was \"shocked\" by the lease and the lack of notice \".
\"We need to let Nova Parks know that it\'s time for them to end their operations there, rather than tying the land up for the next 20 or 30 years,\" she said . \".
Deputy Mayor Justin Wilson said a large number of phone calls and emails to the city were evenly distributed to support and oppose the retention of water parksD)
He served on the Park Authority board from 2010 to 2012.
\"I implore the City Council to extend the lease,\" said a message from Patricia Merle . \".
\"Don\'t let this small group of people kick us out of the park. . . .
I have a season ticket so I can take my grandson to the pool every sunny weekend and he loves the pool.
Another commenter, Kim Christman, said, \"this unique space could be an amazing center of the Year --
Providing comprehensive recreational activities for youth and adults in the city is something we urgently need, especially when we plan to continue to increase our participation in recreational activities such as football and baseball. . . .
Let\'s not short-
Change our future.
Residents and council members are also asking why the city did not receive income from the park.
Alexander pays $4 for Nova Parks.
60 people per resident per year to help support the authority-
The same is true in other jurisdictions served by the authority, as in the counties of ferfax, Arlington and Louden, the city of ferfax and The Falls Church.
For Alexander, this is equivalent to $672,000, said Morgan Rotter, the city\'s budget director.
To engage the public, the Council postponed any decision on leasing until at least later in the fall.
After that, the Council will decide whether and when to vote on the proposal.
\"In many ways it failed, trying to make this decision in a vacuum,\" Noritake said . \".
\"We have arrived [
City and Nova Parkare at cross-purposes.
\"Former Football League president Timon said the main reason for the anger was that the city was negotiating an extension of the lease without considering other options.
\"The water park is not against it, but I hope we do some planning for the best places in the city of Alexandria,\" Timmon said . \".
\"We should analyze this 20 years before we leave and sign our land.
The water park is the best option, which can surprise you.
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