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Why does a water park stand out in summer?


cool summer


Dancing with water

Summer is scorching with water, super sweet

— 夏日炎炎 有水超甜 —

Smelling the fragrance of early summer flowers,

Also welcomed the scorching summer sun!

The water park has become

Favorite activities for friends of all ages,

To satisfy children's preferences

Let children have intimate contact with water in the hot summer

Experience a special coolness and beauty from summer

Let the babies enjoy this summer carnival~

Summer water fun games

Children of all sizes who have changed their equipment are now on stage!

Brilliant smile, full of vitality,

Embarking on various water projects,

We are all Superstar~

Waiting for the summer coolness to start~

Diverse activities, fresh and interesting

The water inflation project is complete,

A game regardless of age

The grand water play banquet officially kicked off~

Cheers, shouts, screams, laughter,

One after another, there is a sea of joy everywhere.

A successful conclusion

Happy times slip away unconsciously,

Happy memories are cherished in the midst of being carefree!

In the exciting water play game,

Adults and children play with water in various ways

Chasing and playful, free and unrestrained

Intimate contact with water and perception of its characteristics,

Enjoy the happiness that childhood deserves!

This summer has become colorful because of you!

Welcome to order your favorite water game toys

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