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Why I Love My Serta EZ Queen Guest Bed - 5 Best Features

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
I rarely comment on a product that I can\'t say anything bad about.I will discuss the reasons why I like this bed so much and why you invite more guests to spend the night and on vacation.One of my favorite features of this bed is the size of the luggage bag it saves when not in use.
When you think of a blowYou won\'t think of a storage issue, but if the bed has its own frame then this could be a problem.The bed is folded in its own luggage bag and can be placed under the bed or in a closet, which is the size of a small bag to carry with you.I hope you will like my review of the EZ queen bed and recommend it to your family and friends.
This is a great solution for people like me who don\'t have extra rooms.Will your guests sleep on your couch when they come to visit?Not feeling well for you, I know not feeling well for your guests.They may not want privacy, but they may need a little dignity.
The comfort of a real bed is now available on a simple inflatable bed pad.You can now be the ultimate host for your guests and treat them in a comfortable and stylish way.The puncture-The resistant mattress can be inflated in three minutes and offers convenient solutions such as a wheeled storage box where you can roll into the closet.
This bed injects new life into the word rollingBecause it is more compact, there are new features like the handle and the smoothRolling wheels with powder-Coated steel frame.Yes, no longer sleeping on the floor.What are the Top 5 features of Serta Ez Queen mattress?There is no need to buy any more expensive furniture that takes up valuable real estate in your extra bedroom or basement.There is now a simple option to store it, which is easy to pull out and ready at any time thanks to this auto-folding design.
Why never flatten the inflatable mattress?Say goodbye to the flatbed inflatable mattress in the morning and say hello to a new patented technology \"never tablet.This means that not only is this mattress easy to roll out and install, but your guests will have a good night\'s sleep without worrying about losing stress and lying on the floor in the morning.I\'m sorry to say so straight forward, but I \'ve been there many times myself and finally I found a guest bed that I can use during the holidays, which really worked.
I can\'t tell you how many unexpected company we have and this bed came in handy.They were always surprised how fast I could get it from the closet and blow it up in a few minutes.It\'s too easy to pack up, and my guests usually put the bed up by themselves and put it back in the closet.
They always asked me where I got it and wanted to buy one for their own guests.I don\'t usually do reviews, but I\'m a little enthusiastic about this.It is rare that you are so happy with something.
This is the solution when the extra room is not an option.This is the bed you have to have.(See photos of the size and size of the luggage bag on the right.Why do I like the size of Queen Serta EZ best?The size of the luggage is Queen Serta EZ.
The bed is small enough to serve as luggage on the plane.The size stored in the luggage bag is 34 \\ \"x14 \\\" x22 \\\".The bed can be stored in most small spaces or closets when the zipper is placed in the luggage bag.
This is the best feature in my opinion, because it means that you can easily store it if you have a lot of guests, and pull out multiple beds for each guest sleeping on it simple folding design, you can put them back in the closet in the morning.This will allow you to have a two-use room, not just a room.No need for a bed to take up all your space.
You can prepare craft rooms or playrooms for the kids and quickly convert them into guest rooms when needed.What is the choice without a steel frame?With pillows.These mattresses are not equipped with steel racks.
Enjoy an upgraded purchase of a steel frame inflatable room and use it as an additional inflatable mattress on the floor.They are still equipped with the \"never flat\" technique, which is great as you will not wake up to find your guests sleeping on the floor as their mattresses lose stress at night.If you need to buy more than one mattress for the upcoming overnight event, this is a great start.
If you plan to purchase an additional mattress later, make sure to add it to your wish list.So you can remember the mattress you want
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