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why inflatable kayaks may be the new wave in kayak fishing

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
Kayak fishing has rapidly developed into a mainstream way of fishing in the past decade.
The biggest difference between fishing kayaks and other kayaks is usually that they are installed in a relatively small area with a range of fine fishing accessories.
These accessories can be easily added to a regular kayak, which quickly led to the development of a separate series kayak model specifically designed for anglers.
However, even with these popular advances, there is now another style of kayak that is becoming more and more popular among avid kayak fishermen.
Inflatable kayaks used to be considered a toy compared to other kayaks, but today\'s inflatable kayaks are not like earlier kayaks.
Previous inflatable models were sometimes as light and fragile as a regular pool raft.
Modern inflatable kayaks have proven to be very safe and available by quality manufacturers.
They are known to be very durable and puncture-proof.
So, while there are advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable device, like other kayaks, these disadvantages seem to be an acceptable trade-off, in exchange for the advantage that no other type of fishing kayak can get.
First, look at the shortcomings.
Inflatable kayaks are somewhat difficult in paddling and handling, and often lack the speed of rigid kayaks.
This can be a big difference if you buy a kayak trip, but in Kayaking Fishing, speed doesn\'t matter.
Kayak anglers sit in one place most of the time, or may drift while casting and retrieving, instead of paddling at full speed.
Another consideration is that it may be more difficult to add a large number of accessories that most people like because they are widely referred to as \"rigging \".
On a rigid kayak, it\'s relatively easy to drill a mounting hole on the kayak deck and add anything one might want.
A short list of common accessories may include pole racks, trolley box racks and compartments, bait containers, and a variety of electronic products, such as fish finder, GPS, mobile phone holder for bait tank and running light, marine radio, air pump.
Obviously, drilling holes on inflatable kayaks is not recommended!
However, many aggressive DIY excavators found that some of the plastic \"D-
The \"ring\" and some adhesive tape will be conveniently installed and attached to the inflatable kayak.
One of the latest and greatest discoveries between self
Rigging enthusiasts believe that heavy plastic cutting boards commonly used at kitchen counters can be attached to inflatable kayaks with rubber bands, thus providing an excellent hard surface for the installation of ordinary electronic equipment.
So, what exactly is the cause of the popularity of inflatable kayaks?
The first reason is portability.
Inflatable fishing kayaks can be folded into a backpack and easily packed into remote fishing areas that other boats cannot reach.
Most inflatable toys can be purchased with a backpack that can be used as a backpack or backpack, and taking them to remote fishing spots is no more troublesome than bringing an extra fishing tackle box.
Most fishermen have a well-preserved list of secret and remote fishing spots that can only be reached on a long trek.
It is never an option to carry any type of vessel to these locations by hand.
After years of walking only on the edge and some shore fishing, these sites are now open and can be launched in large places.
The slight inconvenience of having to inflate your boat before starting is easily compensated as this is the only one there who has a fishing kayak.
Ordinary people can easily bring inflatable kayaks to places where they don\'t even consider carrying rigid kayaks or canoes.
In order to reach an agreement in the face of the growing popularity of inflatable kayaks, there is a long list of additional professionals.
Their light weight makes it a clear advantage not only to take them on a hike, but, even if you are able to drive directly to the launch site, taking the kayak out of your vehicle and the coastline also makes a big difference.
The average weight of an inflatable kayak is about half the size of a rigid kayak.
Even many tandem inflatable kayaks weigh less than single rigid kayaks.
No trailer or roof rack is required as they are easily mounted in the trunk or back seat of a compact car.
This ability to fit in small spaces adds another big benefit, that is, storing kayaks during the off season.
While storing rigid kayaks in the winter usually means having enough garage space, storage room or some kind of external shelf or cradle, a deflated kayaks don\'t usually need more storage than a cooler.
Finally, the price consideration.
Inflatable kayaks are usually about half the cost of a similar size rigid model.
The extra savings of not having to buy a roof shelf or trailer have affected many fishermen, who become kayak fishermen when the price is their main consideration.
With a long list of advantages, which are more than a few disadvantages, it\'s easy to understand why inflatable kayaks quickly become the next big item for kayak fishing.
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