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why the world\'s most high-tech water park is making waves with 3d

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
Exciting rides are no more basic than water slides.
It is formed by a tube, and the water rushes through the tube, which has not changed much since its invention in 1923.
The latest slides are longer and faster, but rarely create a sensation.
It needs to try something brand new like one of Abu Dhabi\'s water parks found.
Although the Middle East city is a relative newcomer to the industry, it has soon had an impact on the city since its flagship Yas water world Park was inaugurated in 2013.
The water park is one of the few forms of outdoor entertainment, where summer temperatures can soar by 120 degrees in the arid climate of Abu Dhabi.
The Yas water world made the most of it.
Named after Yas Island, Abu Dhabi\'s leisure center, this vast park covers an area of 150,000 square meters and is full of amusement facilities.
There are a total of 45, perched above them is a huge white sphere that looks balanced on the rocky outcrops.
Just below it is a huge bird\'s nest with a slide inside, other tubes sliding down the hillside and the exit is shaped like a snake head.
There are good reasons for this.
Like America\'s leading water park, the Yas water world is also integrated into a well-designed theme.
According to the local tradition of diving for pearls, the park tells the story of a huge pearl being rushed to the mountain during a storm.
These slides are intended to represent the snake in search of a pearl that the Falcon is watching-another strong symbol in the local culture.
This is just the beginning.
The entrance to the park is themed on sand-
Colorful Arabian bazaar with shops selling Disney plush toys
Look for the esque character of Pearl.
The park is full of forts.
Large and small wooden sailing boats and signs hanging on Persian carpets.
Burning Sun on palm trees
You can see the sandy trails and actual sand dunes from a distance, adding to the experience of Arabian Nights.
There are almost every water slide you can imagine in the park.
A lot looks like a huge lot
Color pasta and allow riders to compete with each other.
The end of the snake head is a closed tube, each tube has a different effect inside.
One appears in a huge bowl, then the rider slides into the middle and slides directly into the exit along the finish line.
Some people have sharp turns.
When others suddenly drop in the dark, the color drops.
Music even plays in a background when you slide downhill.
Of course, there is a drifting River in the center of the park, real pearl diving, a wave pool and treasure hunt around.
There is also an artificial wave of surfing, which is up to 3 m and is one of the largest waves in the world.
Another record for Yas Waterworld is to take a family raft, due to some high-tech wizardry.
The magnets under the raft are mutually exclusive to the magnets with opposite poles on the floor of the tube, while the high-
The power water jet adds power to it.
In trade, it is called a tornado water ski, this time considered the longest and fastest in the world.
In fact, the speed is so fast that the floor of the raft must be padded so that passengers do not sit on the rubber scraped along the tube.
Despite these records
Breakers, the management of the park realized from the beginning that it needed to think outside the box in order to stay ahead.
If you think water parks only need water pipes to go through, think about it.
Yas water world has a roller coaster winding through the middle, the world\'s first roller coaster to allow riders to spray water from above
Uninformed guest board hose below.
They can even strike back with water cannons.
Place on the ground along the bus route.
At a dazzling altitude of 35 m, the journey is not slack and can travel 60 kilometers per hour.
This track is intertwined between the simulated mountains in the park and looks like it\'s true
The life version of the Death Star trench in Star Wars.
It has helped the Park win more than 30 industry honors, including being elected second place
In 2013, he was named the world\'s best theme water park by the Los Angeles Times and won the leading award from the World Water Park Association.
Earlier this year, it was introduced into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame and was named the Middle East\'s leading water park at the World Tourism Awards.
To stay at the top of this wave, the Yas water world has to come up with something more unexpected than a roller coaster.
In the summer, it opens the door to the world\'s first 3D theater that is actually flooded.
This may sound unnecessary, but if you still don\'t believe in 3D movies, the water effect in this show will be different.
It\'s called Cinesplash. it\'s a computer.
The story generated is themed on the story of the storm, which throws the park\'s central Pearl from the depths of the ocean to the top of the mountain.
First, the rain will spray down before the waterfall is sprayed from next to the screen onto the stone floor.
It swells the theater on the level of plastic seats, which swing with the waves on the screen with fascinating movements.
The water flow under the chair even left an impression of the water flow.
The 3D splash on the screen enters the theater, the fountain appears next to the seat, and the fog rolls in as the journey begins to land.
No fees were waived, as was the case behind the scenes.
According to The National, a local newspaper, Yas Waterworld, built at a cost of $0. 245 billion, aims to attract 6,000 guests a day, queuing for 10 minutes each time.
Design company SNC-
Lavalin Atkins reportedly took the time to visit the region\'s forts, open-air markets and historic villages.
Then the building.
It takes 1 to build a huge rock cliff with pearls sitting alone.
2 million of steel.
There are 50,000 m² rocks in total.
More than 5 works have been created for the park.
6 million liters of water per hour.
In order to compensate for the scorching heat, chilled water is introduced from nearby cooling equipment and stored in an insulated underground pipeline of 12 kilometers.
This may not sound green, but thanks to the use of natural gas for boilers and water cycles, the park is able to meet the Estidama Pearl sustainability standard in Abu Dhabi.
\"The Yas water world heralds the triumph of design innovation,\" said Atkins, an architect and engineer at the park.
\"This is the first hybrid park of its kind, and it has developed the water park into an adventure spot full of exploration and adventure, as well as an interactive roller coaster usually associated with the theme park.
The company added, \"The project includes detailed design work such as the Pearl Rock Mountain, which requires hundreds of tons of hand-carved rock products and 1 ton.
2 million of supporting steel structures, all of which are modeled in 3D and then intertwined with the rest of the park.
Atkins says its main responsibility is to maximize the standards of sustainable design throughout the park to reach the Estidama Pearl One sustainability rating. . .
Atkins design always adopts an underground irrigation strategy to minimize the loss of evaporation, ensuring landscaping with local, low water consumption.
Professional water filter
The production of site chlorine and the wide use of shading all contribute to the sustainable construction and operation of the theme park.
\"During the construction process, the Atkins team implemented a strategy to transfer more than 60% of construction and operational waste from landfill sites. . .
An integrated energy metering system monitors the energy consumption of the facility and uses orientation, insulation and shading to reduce the total energy required for cooling by 18%.
\"Few guests will be aware of this, but it shows that there is as much investment in infrastructure as there is in the rides, which is really a magical feeling.
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