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wild wadi water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Dubai Wild Wadi Water Park 12 acres of pure fun with 23 adrenaline-
The rides and attractions that make you breathless.
Between Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, just 20-
It is only a few minutes drive from the city center.
Go there, go wild!
One of the best water Entertainment
Surrounded by the park, it offers a wave pool, Adventure River with winding raft slides and children\'s mini water park.
In addition, there are wonderful entertainment programs in the park, including children\'s programs.
When it comes to excitement, you are not enough at Wild Wadi. This new state-of-the-
Art water park is a complete water adventure destination for people of all ages!
Enjoy master blasting, floats, Juha\'s journey, Breaker Bay, dhow of Juha, family rides and more.
Children will like many interactive toys.
For adrenaline peaks one after another, try at 33-
Sceirah, M. M; the 1. 5-
The high sea waves in the Broken Bay; the 170-metre white-
Riding at the knuckles of rush down the canyon;
Or any of the 14 awesome connected rides.
For those less brave people
The latter, the wild dried river fish preferential time to relax.
This is the perfect place to relax and sit down and have a good time.
When the kids get tired of going to the beach and the hotel pool, the Wild Wadi with a dozen subtly connected rides seems to be the right place to take them.
As one of Dubai\'s state-of-the-art water theme parks, it includes exciting rides such as white
Water fast river, Jumeirah scslide slide, drop at 80 km/h from 33 m height, and exciting Wipeout and ripflow
Seekers can test their courage.
However, children need at least 110 cm high for some of the more terrible rides.
In addition to the big waves, there are also small gentle ridespool.
From April to October, Wild Wadi was only open to women and children.
In addition, the time of the park is different10am to 6pm (
November-February), 10am to 7pm (March to May), 10am to 8pm (June to August)
From ten o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock P. M (
So plan your trip accordingly.
When the kids get tired of the beach and the hotel swimming pool, you get a lot --
It\'s time to take them to Wild Wadi.
Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor water park in Dubai, UAE.
Read full review Dubai\'s premier water park, Wild Wadi covers an area of 12 acres, adjacent to Jumeirah Beach in the shadow of Burj KhalifaArab hotel.
Read the full review.
In front of the iconic Arab Tower, the Wild Wadi Water Park has 30 rides and attractions with the theme of the story of the Arabic folk figure Juha.
Read the full reviewRough guide at the back of JBH, this popular Wild Wadi Water Park offers a wide range of attractions for adrenaline fans from small children to good health.
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