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wild wadi water park is back -

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
Fans of water slides and wave pools, here are some good news.The Wild wadi Water Park was reopened again this time.This is following the closure of the annual deep cleaning and much-needed renovation in January.Due to the prevailing favorable temperature, this is the best time to visit the water park in the area, which will last for several months, and what other time to go out, one of the best water parks in the city than it is now?Before that, let\'s take you to what awaits you at the Arab theme water park.First of all, to celebrate the return of the water park to our lives and re-opening, now you can get 1-day park tickets at a 15% discount :) KnowWild water park is themed on the legendary Juha, juha is clearly an Arab traveler among Arab folklore.The world-class water park is known for its unique features, and among the many rides it excites us, which will take us to the next point.
The new Jumeirah mall is longer and more terrible, twice as much fun.The hotel has two double slides, and guests can climb the 32-meter tower to enjoy the magnificent views of the entire water park.Once satisfied with the view, hop on the magic capsule and ride down with your friends or family.
The same rules apply to old Jumeirah hotels.When taking the capsule, cross your arms and legs when the door of the capsule is closed.As the expectation increases, the countdown will begin, and before you know, the floor under you will open, and you will walk down the 120-meter slide at a head rotation speed of 80 km/hour.In a few seconds, you will touch the bottom excitedly and may want more;) Tips ● on busy days, the Jumeirah Sceirah queue was closed 45 minutes before the official closing time.● Guests must take the ride above the 1 Th.1 m ● Guests on board shall not exceed 136 m.4 kilograms (300 pounds) ● in addition to Jumeirah, guests can also use the Go Pro camera on the rides.The adventure slide includes two main sections of the downhill slide and a looming bowl.So the guest actually sits on a tube, goes downhill to the bowl, then is thrown into two spiral spins, then flows into the slide and finally splashes into the pool.Tip: the guest on the slide should be 1.
Master blasting-master blastingA series of high-power water jets that take you on the water roller coaster.Gravity confrontation guests on the rocket can depart 15 metres from the ground or in Whitewater Wadi or flood river flyers.

The doomsday tunnel.
Tips ● for single tubes, the maximum weight limit for Master Blaster is 120kgs (264 lbs) and 396 kg (lb) for dual tubes ).Children over 1 year old.1 m can ride alone, but below, they must be accompanied by another rider in a double tube.● The guest on the ride must be 1 person.
● Children under the age of 1.1 m to enjoy: the dhow and lagoon of the broken wave Bay (wave pool) reunion trip (Lazy River) reunion ha (family interactive game structure) there are two huge downhill slides and three exciting tornadoes on the flood river slide.Guests sit on the four-person tube running downhill, enter the first tornado, slide back and forth, circle each other in the eyes of the storm, then exit into the second and third tornadoes, and finally splash into the pool.Tip ● 1 guest must be allowed on the slide.1 m ● enjoy a slide of up to 4 people ● the net weight of the guests on the ride must not exceed 295 (650 pounds) family interactive game structure provides so much fun for everyone!It has over 100 water events including 5 slides, a pair of racing slides and water guns.The design of this journey was developed with small considerations.This includes vibrant and colorful body slides (two completely closed) to add fun and excitement to the little one.The family will have fun with Juha with his magic carpetFriends who surf.The ride is also equipped with a dump bucket to soak guests below in less than 2 minutes.Ensure that extra clothing is carried;) Tip ● adults are not allowed to ride with children on Juha\'s dhow and LagoonJuha journey. The Lazy River, which is 360 long, is currently available to all guests by the river.I think after more exciting rides and slides throughout the park, this provides a much needed break.
Action RiverWell, the flood River is a fun river!It boasts 100,000 liters of water, creating a magical surge of waves and river rapids up to 1 m high.
Tips ● people of all ages can enjoy the flood ● If you are not a confident swimmer, the child must always be under the supervision of the parent/guardian and all guests have free life jackets, this jacket offers the ultimate surfing experience!One of the world\'s only four such rides is definitely a pleasure for surfers.As you have already guessed, the trip was designed by the best peopleThomas Lochfield, the fanatic.Wipeout takes you on an exciting adventure, shooting more than 7 tons of water per second on the sheet on the foam structure.This brings a friendly wave of body/knee boarding.Tips ● Guests must have more than 1 person.1 m high ● children under 1 year old.
The journey of Juha (drifting River) Dhow & Lagoon of Juha and (home interactive game structure) flood River (action River) Welcome to the largest wave pool in the Middle East.The bay of the circuit breaker is characterized mainly in parallel and through waves up to 1.Five different configurations 5 m high.Sounds cool, right?Tip ● people of all ages can swim in the Bay of breaker ● If you are not a confident swimmer, the child must be supervised by the parent/guardian at any time to provide free life jackets for all guests.
What More?There are four retail stores in the park, including barbecue restaurants, brick oven pizza shops, fruit and snack bars.In order to experience a full VIP moment, when you are cool in a cool hammock, go to the luxury cabin that offers cold drinks and fruit.
As you have seen, Wild Wadi, one of the largest water parks in the Middle East, offers activities that can be explored at different ages.There is no doubt that this is a perfect place to relax the daily hustle and bustle with family and friends.Grab tickets online today, enjoy a huge discount for the duration, let\'s go for entertainment;
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