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wisbech theatre needs cash after giant inflatable pantomime beanstalk goes missing

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
A giant inflatable bean stalk is missing on the way to wisdom.
The Los Angeles theater ordered the beanstalk for Christmas Jack And The Beanstalk panto.
But despite its large size, it was lost in the post.
The theater ordered props from a theater company in Cornwall.
However, the BBC cam County reported that it had never even reached the distribution center in Exeter.
In order for the rental company to be able to replace the inflatable vegetables, the Angel theater must now pay back.
There is now a crowdfunding effort to do this, and the theater needs £ 3,500.
So far, the GoFundMe page has raised only £ 75 (
When writing).
Wisbech had previously encountered a problem with the huge inflator: A huge inflator that came out of its berth and blocked the A47 during Christmas.
Jamie Cook of the Angles theater told the BBC cam County broadcaster that he expected the bean stalk to sit in the box \"probably somewhere.
The GoFundMe page of The Beanstalk says: \"As many of you now know, our mime Beanstalk was lost by the Courier on the way to our place in December.
Unfortunately, we are unable to recover the cost of this bean stalk and now we have to find a large sum of money to pay for it and pay back the hiring company.
\"The Visbeck Angel Theatre is one of the oldest working theaters in England and a true gem of the city.
Every year we strive to bring high quality theater to the region, including amateur, professional and youth works.
\"We are a small charity, and it\'s a huge amount of money that we can find, especially at the quietest time of our year.
We ask for any donations to help us pay for this.
\"You can donate money to the fundraiser.
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