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woman, 38, who felt \'heavy\' and \'self conscious\' after giving birth to two children reveals how she lost 35lbs and gained a ripped six pack by doing obstacle courses

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
A woman revealed that she lost 35 pounds by completing the obstacle course on a regular basis and became stronger than ever.
Kirin Hart, 38, from New Jersey, revealed in an article on women\'s health that she had been exercising since she was a child, during her four years in college, she has been \"exercising\" at school and playing in track and field competitions.
However, the motherof-
The two said that her life changed after she had children because she began to suffer from mental health problems, which ultimately affected her physical well-being.
Kirin gave birth to her son in March 2007 and was still taking care of her son when she discovered her pregnancy for the second time.
For an outsider, it sounds like I already have everything, says Kirin.
She added that she began to suffer from some mental health problems, as well as postpartum depression --
Postpartum depression.
When Kirin\'s daughter was two years old, her motherof-
The two noticed that although she was not pregnant, people had already begun to congratulate her on her pregnancy again.
At the time, her weight was about 175 pounds and she said it was a \"heavy weight\" for her personally \".
\"I am very self
The pregnancy review really had an impact on me.
I expressed my frustration to my husband at the time, she said, and he advised me to go to the gym.
Kirin starts classes at a vintage gym in her area and starts doing simple cardio exercises like working on an ellipse.
She said I lost a little weight when I changed from being idle to doing something.
\"I fell about 10 pounds and it jumped --
Started the process of getting my body back.
\"After a while, my husband and I had our first major difficulty.
I was very upset and started spending more time in the gym.
The first time --
\"I feel like I\'m developing a social network independent of him,\" she added . \".
When a friend she met at the gym suggested Kirin lift weights in order to release stress, she agreed to give it a try.
\"I like how strongly I feel and I really start to see a change in my body,\" she said . \".
I built a real friendship in the gym and I felt so inspired and inspired.
In the summer of 2013, a friend of Kirin put forward her idea of starting an amateur bodybuilding competition.
Kirin said: \"By the fall of 2013, I had participated in two amateur competitions.
I got fourth place in both projects, but I didn\'t get ready at all in a healthy way.
\"I know I don\'t eat enough in very low places --calorie, low-
The carbohydrate diet I followed.
It includes eating six (unsatisfying)
\"One meal a day, lifting weights and exercising for hours in a row at the same time, while I work full time and try to be the best mother I can do,\" she added . \".
She said she took part in the competition with 117 pounds results.
However, she has been worried about being overweight.
When she realizes that this lifestyle is damaging her mental health, she knows that she has to find a healthier fitness alternative.
Her husband suggested obstacles.
The course competitions include \"mud, sweating, outdoor activities\" and \"a lot of people,\" Kirin said \".
At first she was not sure and decided to give it a try.
She signed up for her first Sparta match.
A series of different distance and difficulty obstacle races from three miles to the marathon
The spring of 2014.
\"I fell in love,\" she said . \" She refers to the obstacle course.
\"I found the match on Groupon and signed up for every event I met.
I took my kids to some competitions so they could play the kids --they loved it!
\"In a couple of seasons, I started to get to know more and more people and once again like the feeling of being part of the community.
Kirin participated in the world athletics championships. OCRWC)
2015 and 2016.
In 2015, she said she was one of about 75 women from around the world, completing barriers within the allotted time frame.
She thinks the obstacle course has completely changed her body.
\"While I don\'t call myself weight, I know I\'m somewhere near 140 pounds and I\'m happy about it,\" she said . \". The mom-of-
The two said the muscles were the biggest changes she saw in herself, adding that it took her eight years to get her body back to its current state.
It was a gradual process, she explained.
I am not the result of any shortcut;
No milkshakes, packs or slimming tea.
Frankly, my ass is broken.
I am proud of it. \'The mother-of-
The two men\'s current exercise system says she trains at least five or six days a week.
She said I might go rock climbing once or twice a week and do a few Ninja obstacles plus an aerial yoga class.
\"On the sixth day of the week, I might just be doing cardio on the treadmill.
I am not strict with my schedule or pattern and I like that my workout is never like a workout because I have so much fun.
Kirin\'s diet pattern is the same as her fitness habits, and has changed since she went deep into the sport.
I eat intuitively now.
When I notice my hunger tip.
She said: \"I also eat to replenish my body so that I can safely do all the activities I like with energy, I eat real food and cook at home most of the time.
Kirin believes that finding a position that suits her can not only improve her health, but also help her overcome some emotional problems.
She said she and her husband have divorced since she started her fitness trip.
When it comes to difficult times, she said: \"It\'s hard for me to realize that I \'ve become so completely dependent on him, from my professional life to parenting, to the way I dress.
\"Sometimes I really don\'t think I can move on without him, but I went through it and proved to myself how strong I was.
She said that I was also officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and now I am using drugs to manage my mental health in addition to fitness and friends and family.
Now Kirin says she feels good and her closest friends and family have noticed that she seems happier than ever before.
She said that all of this aside, I am 38 years old and I am healthier outside and inside than I have been for a while.
\"I\'m happy with how I look, and I know it\'s hard for a lot of women my age to say that.
I am proud of how far I have gone, although I know how far I have to go as an athlete, a parent and a regular person.
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