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woman dies after taiwan water park blaze, over 200 injured serious

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
A 20-year-
Health authorities say an old woman died of more than 90% burns Monday afternoon.
A young woman died on Monday, the first of nearly 500 people killed in a weekend fire in Taiwan\'s water park. When investigators focused on colored powders sprayed on revelers from the stage, the powders set off fire.
Officials said more than 200 people were still in critical condition after a fire broke out at the new North City\'s Formosa Mosha Coast water park on Saturday. A 20-year-
Health authorities say an old woman died of more than 90% burns Monday afternoon.
Investigators are looking for a reason why the corn flour mixture of colored powder is sprayed on a stage-mounted machine and burned after the party.
\"The heat source is still under investigation,\" said Kevin Low, an official with the city\'s fire department . \".
\"The powder itself is not considered a dangerous item.
Lo told Reuters on Monday: \"Investigators are looking at three main possibilities: cigarette fire, lighter or spark. Chou Hui-
An official of Taiwon Food Company in central Taiwan
The head office powder maker, which supplies powder for Saturday\'s event, said the powder is edible, but it is made of carbohydrates, so it should not be placed near any heat source.
In recent years, the use of colored powder has become more and more popular in Taiwan, providing more festivals for public activities.
It has been widely used in marathon competitions.
The new North city government, which surrounds the capital Taipei, said the water park did not apply for permission to hold a party, violating regulations.
Lu Zhong, organizer of the event-
Chi was detained, interrogated and released on bail by the police.
The local prosecutor\'s office was unable to comment on the case.
On Sunday, Lu apologized to the public on live television.
The president of the water park also apologized on Monday.
\"We rent it out like you rent a house.
Chen Hui, president of the water park, said: \"You don\'t expect such a thing to happen.
Ying said in tears on live TV.
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