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woman sues six flags in georgia because she was forced to ride with a fat person which she claims caused her raft to flip landing her in the operating room

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
A woman sued a water park for being forced to sit in the sink with a fat man.
Najib Razey and her husband are seeking damages on Six Flags at Hurricane Harbour water park in Georgia, claiming that the 250lb guest had caused serious injuries on a raft near Atlanta
The couple believe that the weight gain of obese passengers on the Lachi raft caused the ride to become overloaded and dangerous and landed her in the operating room.
Scroll down to watch the video orazey is taking the Bonzai pipe at the water park, which takes two people to take the inflatable raft along the sink.
According to TMZ, the claimant stated that it swung violently with heavy objects on board and bumped her into the inside of the tube, causing what she said was a serious injury.
She said she was taken straight to the hospital by ambulance.
It happened last year, but now Razey has decided to claim compensation, and her husband has lost his feelings because of the injury.
The extent of Razi\'s injury is unclear.
Mail online contacted six flags but no one could comment.
\"Get ready to shout\" bonzai \"and run down the craziest slide,\" The water park\'s website says!
Venture on two slides with a sharp turn and test your courage on the third slide with four slidesstory drop.
\"Through closed tunnels, slow down in the dark and wet decency with family and friends, and then soar along the curves of 180 and 360 degrees. This is not all!
Push yourself through the winding tunnels and flush and dive into the splash pool at the bottom.
\"Water droplets along a four-story building enter a huge bowl, before eventually falling into the splash pool below through a spiral chute, it will throw all around you and around you into the flood
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