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‘world’s biggest’ bouncy castle welcomes first visitors in the uk

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
The organizer of Bestival specializes in
They commissioned new attractions for their holiday roster, which also included the Beig festival camp and the average person this weekend-one of the biggest inflatable castles ever.
The spectacular attraction is 23.
8 M 20 long
7 metres wide.
The highest point is 8 metres high.
Organizers boast that it is taller than the Great Wall of China, \"about three times as big as the Berlin Wall.
\"The Castle needs 1143 air to fill it up and can hold 100 people at a time.
Rob da bank, founder of Bestival, said: \"We do like to break records, which is one of our foundations so far.
About five years ago, Matt, a teammate of the infamous inflatable church, and I made a daydream about building the world\'s largest inflatable castle, and this summer we are making it happen.
Matt the Hat, a creative consultancy that developed inflatable castles, said: \"I have always been the first child in the sand pit and consider playing a basic role in daily life.
Everyone should find time to play.
Rob da Bank and all the Bestival families share the fun spirit of creating joy and fun and make this fantastic crazy idea a reality.
Whether you\'re young or old, what\'s more fun than jumping in the world\'s largest inflatable castle?
\"On Sunday and 8 th, September 11, bistroval was held at Robin Hill Country Park near Newport, Isle of Wight. ;
On July 31, 2016, at the venue of Lubos Castle, Dorset County, the \"bestie festival camp\" event was held;
An ordinary party was held this weekend in the Southampton public area.
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