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world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course coming to london

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
As the world\'s largest inflatable handicap class reaches the capital, thousands of adults will be able to \"feel like a child again \".
CBeebies TV show host Xu Jia will make war in winterHo!
A serious and interesting 5 k challenge at March to burrockwell Park in Brixton.
He expects more than 5,000 people to participate in the series of 10 adults.
Large inflatable obstacles including ball pits, climbing walls and \"challenges.
Three years ago, Winters designed the course while watching TV with his three children.
He now expects charity in London to raise thousands of people after 80,000 people were challenged across the UK last year.
He said: \"There is no doubt that Londoners will be prepared for a unique and interesting place --filled event.
For adults, this is an opportunity to feel like a child again, and children can show adults what they are made.
\"The course uses enough air to inflate more than 100 million soccer balls, including five
Story thriller challenge consisting of 200ft \"wet and wild\" slides.
Winters organized a game.
Last year\'s event tour, but it was gunho for the first time!
I have been to London.
The ticket price was 31 until January 16, before the launch in March 25, the ticket price rose.
For more information, please visit begung-ho. co. uk.
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