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world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course set to return to london

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-12
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Packed adventureNow you can.
When the giant inflatable barrier came to London last year, it exploded.
It will return now. The 300-
The Mi court, known as \"the craziest inflatable castle in the world\", debuted at Alexandra Palace and now it will be back for a short stay in August.
You can see 42 obstacles, including 18.
The long giant slide and the elastic cage of doom.
For the brave, there is even a terrible house of hell.
Although it is usually for adults (
Why do children have all the fun?
The obstacle course will be open to teenagers aged 7 to 15 within two days.
But, kids, please step back and the rest of the game is for adults.
Date in the diary with a pencil-you won\'t want to miss the chance to bounce around your friends or to get to the finish line.
\"The 300-meter-long monster is the world\'s largest inflatable obstacle, and it\'s bigger, better, more resilient, and crazier than ever before!
This is not an ordinary inflatable castle man, the website wrote.
Let\'s take a look at the order of Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney LoverShopper\'s whining. The fashion inspiration comes from the cooperation method. plannedWoman sells glasses. The elimination of the sound of the public dogAnd has a new 2019: drag the wheels of K-Queen, drunken bingo, giant beer table tennis and glitter.
Most importantly, there are live DJs and inflatable unicorns on this day (
Hello New Insta pic)
Of course, there are delicious street food, cocktails, bubbles and craft beer.
Tickets are now available on the website, but hurry up as they sell quickly.
The monster will be from 23-
August 28 and 27 are family days28 August.
Tickets are £ 25.
You can buy it here. Here’s Metro. co.
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