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world\'s craziest water slides

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
When you\'re traveling along the top of the boat
The deck raft rides and the waves break on the surface below 150 feet.
This is a nightmare of the popphobe. -
Probably the most exciting moment of your next cruise holiday.
We have come a long way since the Titanic, when the heated pool of that ship was a spirit --Incredible luxury
Now the first water roller coaster in the cruise industry, AquaDuck, has caused a stir in Disney dreams and Disney fantasies.
It takes courage to stare at aquire and the rest of the world\'s craziest, record-breaking
Broken water slide
Some, like 135 in Brazil. foot-
Gao rensano is a traditional body slide, while others are like complex roller coasters, demonstrating the innovation of water slide technology and design.
Read on and learn more about the most lively crowds
There are pleasant water slides all over the world.
Ridehouse where: Beijing Happy Magic Water Cube water park
National Swimming Center (Beijing)
Water Cube)
Expectations are high and will be transformed into a theme park.
Sure enough, China\'s first themed indoor water attraction debuted in 2011 with valves, cranks, jellyfish, buckets, high-pressure water guns, huge bubbles, crawling nets and spray tubes-
This is a short list of design elements.
Crazy Fact: RideHouse consists of 12 slides (
All the water.
Game structure in the world)
Have your own huge water
Soak regularly the filling cubes waiting for their turn.
Toboganet: the village of the Murray Hotel in Palermo, Italy is the most scenic water attraction in Sicily, extending down the cliffs on the northwest coast of the island. On a sun-
The turquoise slides bathed in summer air are open to the guests of the resort, complementing the clear sunshine.
Blue waters of Castellammare Bay--
The end of the sled.
Keep your eyes open: slides go through three decks and 67-per floor-acre property.
Crazy Fact: a full topto-
The bottom journey down this waterfront slide will divide you into four separate bodies of water: three swimming pools and the Mediterranean Sea.
King Cobb: Six Flags Adventure, Jackson, New Jesse side. The King of glasses snake is the longest snake in the world, so the journey of the same name started in July makes sense and is expected to be one of the craziest themes
Park attractions.
Similar to a giant cobra, its oversized black, yellow and bold orange scale gives a daunting first impression and allows two tubes to zip up to 32 miles per hour.
Crazy Fact: The last feature of the ride suddenly 25-
Drop in 50-feet
The angle of the illusion that the rider is swallowed up by the King\'s big mouth.
Travel & Leisure: The coolest bazaarsWild VortexWhere in the world: the wilderness of Smokey, Tennessee
Indoor rides at Park Resort-
There\'s a huge glass roof. -
This keeps the thrills of the year.
But adrenaline fans will want to go outdoors to meet the latest challenges: 66-foot-
June debut in the vortex of the wild.
Although the ride lasts only 7 seconds, do not underestimate the sprints that can be obtained from vertical sharp turns and gravity --powered loop-the-
Cycle, rider experience in 2. 5 g-force.
Crazy Fact: don\'t like surprises?
Well, please note that the first 39-
The free fall of the foot is caused by the sudden release of the trap door.
Changlong Water Park-Guangzhou Changlong Water Parkto-face on four-
People raft, riders reach 32 feet per second speed when they drop 262foot-
A long translucent tunnelfoot-wide bowl (
The biggest in the world.
After multiple rotations, passengers are thrown into a huge splash pool from the central chute.
Crazy Fact: Search for bowl slides on YouTube and will find videos of unsuspecting riders trapped in the \"sewer.
\"Not on this slide.
ProSlide patented bottle opener™The exit system is an important design part of the car to ensure a safe pop-up. Phew.
Beach Park, Aquiraz, Brazil 135-
Even if it is not the highest waterslide we have listed, the appeal of the feet stands out from the crowd (Italy\'s 197-
Title required by foot Divertical).
The riders must have been impressed, waiting in line for the infamous 14-story drop.
You can expect these lines to get longer: In 2011, Brazil\'s largest water park received 788,000 visitors, an increase of 7% over the previous year.
Crazy Fact: The strange sharp slope has produced a rapid decline;
Rensano swoops at 65 miles an hour, with riders from the beginning to the heart --
It was done in less than five seconds.
Different places: manabilandia, Ravenna, ItalySay say hello to the world\'s tallest water sport: the difference of $26 million, it officially debuted in June.
The roller coaster is characterized byof-a-
Elevator lift system with 10-
Boat on top of 197foot-High appeal.
As they glide along the roller coaster track, the rider faces a drop, a hairpin turn, and then an oversized splash pool at the finish line.
Crazy Fact: The original adventure made you go through 45-
Level sink over 65 miles per hour.
Travel and Leisure: The best swimming in the United States, holesWiegand Maelzer Slide, Venue: Area 47, Tirol, Austria
Steel lakeside attractions showcase the perfect craftsmanship-
Not to mention some very extreme slides.
After climbing 90-
Foot tower, there are five riders, including 328-foot-
The bottom adds a long chute to the jump part.
Crazy Fact: There are also 5 springboard in the Tower (at 6.
High 5, 16, 33, 66 and 91 feet)
Although the two highest are reserved for professional divers.
Leap of Faith: Paradise Island Waterpark West Atlanta, Bahamas 60-foot-
High, almost vertical sliding cascade down life-
A replica of the Mayan temple-
Logo of resort 140-Acres of water features.
But for many, the real \"Leap of Faith\" takes place after the initial drop, when you are subsequently pushed through a clear acrylic tunnel in a shark --Lagoon.
Crazy Fact: at 2008, a female reef shark jumped out of the tank and landed on the slide.
No damage to resort guests (
Water Park is not open in the morning)
The shark could not stand the chlorine water and soon died.
Throngs of people in slithhorn, Galveston, Texas Park-
The delightful sights that debuted in 2007 are part of a major expansion ---
Out of all four of the country\'s schlitterhorn parks, the cliffhanger is still the highest and steepest ride. S.
Like Summit Plummet, this single slide is made up of shocking vertical drops.
After pushing from the top of the tower, the rider dropped nearly 81 feet at 35 miles an hour.
Crazy Fact: The gripping design is an open chute, so you will be fully aware of this and exposed every second --fall drop.
MammothWhere: Holiday World and eye-catching Safari, Santa Claus, $5 in India.
5 million ride, high-
Speed water magnetic water roller coaster using linear induction motor technology, put this water park on the map in 2011.
The holiday world continues to expand, with woolly elephants, seven-story slides and more than three acres of land ---
Become the world\'s longest water roller coaster. (
The horn is in second place. )Crazy Facts: six
The people on the line have all walked the month down the hillside-foot-wide channels.
There are five closed slide sections, which means you will twist and yell in the dark.
Travel & Leisure: The coolest poolsaquadwhere in the world: Disney Dream & Disney Dream cruise-
Cruise industry first-
Water roller coaster on board. The 765-foot-long, four-deck-
High AquaDuck made its debut in Disney\'s dream in 2011 and was added to Disney\'s fantasy since then.
On the back deck, passengers hop on two cars
Then inflatable raft by high-propelled people
Power water spray.
It is expected to be discarded, cycled and accelerated.
Crazy Fact: After the initial drop, the passenger is pushed into a clear acrylic \"swing\" sink that extends 12 feet to the side of the boat-
150 feet from the ocean surface.
Mountain Top plumb in Gushmore: Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney World, OrlandoThe first thing you see when you enter Blizzard Beach is 90-
Mountain Gushmore is the most photographed man-made snow mountain in the world.
One of the fastest free mountain and family-
Decline in speed.
From the ski-jump tower at the top of the mountain, the riders descend directly vertically to the foot of the mountain.
Crazy Fact: how vertical is the drop?
You will fall 120 feet.
About 12 stories)
At 60 miles per hour.
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