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world\'s largest legoland water park opens

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
The inflatable-
The armband community is cheering--
Asia\'s first Legoland Water Park opens this week in Malaysia.
With over 20 water attractions, 70 Lego models and 3 million liters of water, 300,000-square-
Park officials say rice space is the world\'s largest Legoland Water Park.
Before you get too in awe of such a magnificent reputation, it is worth noting that there are only two other Legoland that are currently in operation.
All in America--
One is in California and the other is in Florida.
Still, the place is impressive.
Especially for the following12 set.
In addition to the waterslide and swimming pool, one of the coolest attractions of Legoland Malaysia water park is architecture-A-
Raft River, let the children make their own raft with soft Lego blocks, through the slow drifting through the parkmoving current.
Clown Soaker is an interactive platform where kids can shoot with a water gun while the Joker is telling jokes ---family-
Friendly, natural-
When it releases 350 gallons of water to their joy (or horrified? )little heads.
Although for 2-year-olds
Legoland Waterpark Malaysia offers exciting rides for older children.
\"Legoland offers benefits for toddlers
The theme game area has smaller slides and characters that mimic the characters in Lego--
Crocodiles, polar bears and elephants.
The new Legoland Water Park has two restaurants, private cabin rental and shops.
MORE: Gallery: Asia\'s first MalaysiaLegoland Malaysia Legoland opening Hotel number water park is the latest addition to the opening of the Legoland resort in Malaysia from September 20 in Skan, in Johor.
The last phase of the resort, the hotel will open in early 2014, officials said.
About 50 kilometers from central Singapore, 30-
The HA theme park consists of over 50 million bricks with 40 rides, performances and attractions.
Legoland Malaysia is the brand\'s sixth theme park, joining two theme parks in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.
Visitors can enter the water park from the outside and the theme park, but additional tickets are required.
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